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Claim: In Any Field—business, Politics, Education, Government—those In Power Should Step Down After Five Years. Reason: The Surest Path To Success For Any Enterprise Is Revitalization Through New Leadership. Write A Response In Which You Discuss The Exten

It is true that revitalization is good but It is not always true or it does not always follow that it will always leads to success and that it is the only way to assure success. The key to success are having a good leader, right people, good products and services.

A good leader is one surest key to success in politics, business and government. Having a good leader to manage and supervise his people is considered to be the biggest asset of every successful and big companies that is been around for so many years and still continuing to lead their industries. This is also the same in government and politics. Here is an example in business, John Gokongwei, Lucio Tan and Henry Sy, they are all Chairman’s of their own companies and have been in the position since their business is still starting and small. With their good leadership, experiences, knowledge and commitment with their company, they were able to make it big and still continues to make it bigger. Without them, their companies would not be recognized Worldwide and would not reach the success it has now.

In addition, having a good and right people as a support system also plays a vital role in success of every institution. In government, having a good president is good but having supportive subordinates and constituents (mayors, congress, senates) is great because it is not only the President working alone to attain goals but he/she also have support systems that would help him to reach these goals and it will be a lot better and easier to do it than only one person working alone. As the saying goes “two brains are better than one”

Aside from having a good leader and good support system, one key to success is also having a good product and services to offer. In an enterprise or business, this is very essential, no matter how good a leader, people and marketing strategies you have or do if the product is not good then all this will be a waste, there maybe high sales in early years but assurance of having high sales cannot be guaranteed in the years to come that may lead to dissolution of the company.

Revitalization is needed but it does not necessarily have to be changing the leaders or people in position, it can be done through different ways like developing new ideas, products and services it is not only done or achieved through changing leadership. This should be done only if the leader in position is not performing well or if the people do not trust the leader in position anymore that leads to his being not effective in his position. Also in addition to this, changing leaders every 5 years could result to a lot of waste in resources, money and time, this has happened in the Philippines, as we change our President every term, there are a lot of long term government projects that are in progress and were stopped as soon as the new elected President sits in position because he/she have other plans or things that he/she wants to give more focus and attention to and as this happens, the 6 years work and money spent on the project of the former president or administration was wasted.

To sum it up, I strongly believed that a good and effective leader should not be removed in position but instead should be kept to assure the continuity of the institution’s continued success.

Submitted by: jennymagbag

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