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To Be An Effective Leader, A Public Official Must Maintain The Highest Ethical And Moral Standards.

To be an effective leader, a public official must maintain the highest ethical and moral standards.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.

Although the term "the highest ethical and moral standards" escapes from a very clear definition, I truly believe it goes consistent with the cherished values and characteristics at the bottom of our heart. In my perspective, the maintenance of the highest ethical and moral standards is necessary but not sufficient for an effective leader in any field.

To begin with, I would like to demonstrate the necessity of the maintenance of the highest ethical and moral standards of an effective political and spiritual leader. In fact, the highest ethical and moral standards are consequential for someone to be elected as a leader and withhold his leading positions effectively. On the one hand, no one would like to support a morally odious scum to be their leader, and only the morally and ethically qualified one could be trusted by the public. On the other hand, leaders whose reputation gets marred by the immoral or unethical scandals are very likely to be abandoned by his people. This is fully proved in the conspicuous example of Italian administer Berlusconi who were exposed of immoral sexual affairs more than once, and also his disrespect for women. Berlusconi got abandoned even before he resigned. Thus to an effective political leader, to maintain the highest ethical and moral standards is the prerequisite.

However, some critics hold that in business field, an effective leader should be one that could bring the maximum profits to the company but not necessarily maintain the highest ethical and moral standards. I admit that it is necessary for an effective business leader to gain as many profits as possible, but all of his business activities should be based on the ethical and moral behaviors. On the one hand, a leader with moral virtues gets respected by his employees and the shareholder. After all, everyone wants to serve a boss who is tolerant to the mistakes his employees commit, honest and trustworthy, and with high sense of responsibility. All the shareholders feel safe to cooperate with a man with good credit and could be trusted. On the other hand, if a business leader has very low level of moral and ethical values, he may take malicious and even illegal actions to gain profits. For example, he may hire children illegally, force his employee work overtime but rejects to pay them, produce fake productions, add poisonous addictives into food they produce, and so forth. In this case, he may earn a huge amount of money for the company, but all these immoral and even illegal behaviors not only exclude him from the list of effective commercial leaders, but also render him to be abominated by his employees, and even punished by laws if he is so brute. In short, the highest ethical and moral standards are also necessary for commercial leaders.

Undeniably, the highest ethical and moral standards are necessary for an effective leader, but not sufficient. On the one hand, maintenance of highest ethical and moral standards makes one a saint, but a saint could not necessarily lead his group effectively. A saint may be very timid and incapable to undertake anything, who dare select such a man to lead them to realize the common objective? On the other hand, from the definition of leadership, we could see many other valuable and essential characteristics. For example, he should have the ability of stimulating people to work together to realize the common objective. The skills of delivering inspiring and encouraging speeches are also very important, especially for standing out in the president campaign. Beside, the talents of bringing up visionary and efficacious strategies are also consequential to demonstrate the talents of a politician. President Roosevelt was a good example. He implemented the New Dealt Reform during the Great Depression last century, created many positions for the unemployment to recall the confidence of the desperate citizens, and lead Americas to struggle against the crisis and construct America the strongest country in the world after the war. Besides, the communicating skills, a wide range of interpersonal relationships, professional knowledge and experience in his field, and more important creative thinking and visionary proposals are all necessary to demonstrate an effective leader.

To sum up, the maintenance of highest ethical and moral standards is prerequisite but not sufficient for an effective leader in any field, and other valuable characteristics should also been owned by a potential effective and excellent leader.

Submitted by: Adam

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