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College Students Should Base Their Choice Of A Field Of Study On The Availability Of Jobs In That Field.

"College students should base their choice of a field of study on the availability of jobs in that field." Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.


For the college student interested in pursuing a an education leading to a definite career path, it may be that focusing studies on a particular area helps to ensure the student will be able to find employment following graduation. However, not all college students are so well focused and the economy may change from the time they enter college and when they actually graduate. Therefore, I disagree that all college students should pursue a specific course of study solely based on the number of jobs available in that industry.

First, college students are typically between the ages of 18 and 25. Thus, the amount of life experience they have may be limited and they may not have a good idea of what their career interests are at this age. For instance, a college student may believe they are interested in art and indeed have the talent to purse that field and ultimately produce a successful career in the art industry. However, if the same student focuses their studies on the medical field, for example, because of the plentiful jobs available in medicine, they may never have discovered their passion and talent for art. Furthermore, the student may not enjoy medicine as much as he or she may have enjoyed art as a profession. It may also be that those who truly enjoy their careers are more successful than those who do not, and thus the student may not do as well in medicine as they would in the art industry. The reserve may also be true, that the student did not know he had a talent in art and did not study art in college because he based his field of study in medicine – where jobs are known to abound.

Second, when a student enrolls in college, the job market may be very different than when a student graduates from college. Typically, college students take a minimum of four years to graduate from undergraduate college in the United States (as may be in other countries as well). When a student begins college, the most popular jobs may be in the field of technology, for instance. However, by the time a student graduates from college, four or more years later, the job climate may have drastically changed. For example, the technology industry in Silicon Valley in California was booming for a few years and jobs were plentiful. In fact, the industry could not find enough people to fill the jobs available. During that time, it was very attractive for college students to pursue studies in technology because well-paying jobs were almost guaranteed once they graduated from college. However, like all employment industry trends, the demand for technology employees dropped. As a result, many college graduates could not find employment at all much less employment that paid well and allowed them to support themselves.

In contrast to the points made above, it may be useful for some students to focus their college studies in a field that indeed does provide a more attractive job outlook. There are some students that may need to balance their passion with the need to be able to support themselves independently. For instance, the music student may have the talent and passion to have a successful music career throughout their life. However, in most cases, it is extremely difficult to become highly successful in a career of music alone. In fact, many professional musicians also have another career or job path that allows them to support themselves while at the same time, allowing them to pursuing their passion for music. Thus, for these types of college students, it may be helpful to consider the job market in fields that allow them the independence to support themselves but also pursue their passion.

In sum, while it is commendable to encourage students to pursue a field of study that allows them to be able to earn a decent living when they graduate from college, this is not always the best plan of action. With the possible change in the job market and the possibility that college students do not know themselves well enough, it is best to allow them to dictate the best course of study to meet their needs rather than the availability of jobs in that field.
Submitted by: sallykakoti


The essay looks very good to me.
August,30 2016

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