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Educational Institutions Have A Responsibility To Students To Dissuade Them From Pursuing A Field In Which They Are Unlikely To Succeed

Education, what does it mean? It is basically the foundation of our knowledge, teaching us the way things work, the basic principles of life around us. It is the tool with which we create, innovate and with the help of which we can solve extremely complex problems.

Educational institutes are meant to nurture a person’s qualities, his talents and guide him towards success in life. An ideal educational institution is which, in which an awkward and inexperienced child or youth is transformed into a professional, ready to face the competitive world. This does not only mean imparting academic knowledge, but also building up his personality, nurturing discipline and also finding out the strengths and weaknesses of the person, and to encourage him to pursue what he has a knack for.

Sadly, this is not the case with many institutions nowadays. All they care about is that their students get sufficient marks in the exams, because that is the main reason for taking money from them. To achieve this, study by rote can be enough, without too much practical application.

But in this world, where there are innumerable careers, and whose field is expanding exponentially day by day, each person should realise where his or her true potential lies. This is very difficult to do all by oneself. Rather the faculties in schools and colleges should pay attention to the skills of the individual and hone them, so that later on, they are highly valued. If it were so, we would not hear stories of job dissatisfaction almost everywhere. Job satisfaction can be achieved only when the job is to the individual’s liking. Only then will he try to improve the way he works, and increase his working efficiency and capability.

Another reason for people failing in their careers is because they do not have a good knowledge base of the career they have chosen. This is due to lack of interest in the subject.

So, it should be the responsibility of every educational institution to educate the person about his knacks and skills and to guide them towards the field which would be interesting to them. This would do any society a world of good, as each person would do his job diligently and with passion, and uplift the society towards newer heights.


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