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Best Way To Teach

Prompt The best way to teach is to praise positive actions and ignore negative ones.

The writer states that the best way to teach is to laud positive actions and ignore negative ones. I do not agree with this assertion fully and needs to be discussed in great detail. On one hand positive actions provides us encouragement and motivation, but ignoring negative actions is equivalent to promoting them.

A mentor, who can be a teacher, professor or a parent, has a significant role in shaping our personality and actions .It is a great feeling when we accomplish something and we are lauded for our efforts by our mentor. By encouraging positive actions we are consciously telling a student to continue to do arduous hard work in order to gain more praise. Such complements go a long way to create more vigour in a student’s endeavour. If person is doing wrong things it is not always necessary to point it out right away but if he continues to do so it becomes imperative that he is reprimanded for his actions.

Now comes the question of the best way of addressing negative actions. A parent might scold his child for example if is running around the house.Similary in adult life we have laws to stop us from doing wrongful actions.Mind you it is not always necessary to scold,rebuke anyone but what is neccessary is to make that person understand the consequenses of his actions.

A good teacher will always know the extent of praise needed and will further add that he/she can strive to do better.for eg if a student has been making prodigious efforts but is not able to find sucess he will provide him optimisitc remarks or point out to him his past accomplishments similary if a student is topping his/her class but he is rude to other kids teacher should point it out instead of ignoring simply because he is the best in class acamedically.

To conclude we can say that there is no one “best” way to teach but we can certainly agree that encouragemnt and motivation can instill confidence among students .Negaitve actions need to be pointed out and its consequences explained else it can lead to life long repurcussions .


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