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The Best Way For A Society To Prepare Its Young People For Leadership In Government, Industry, Or Other Fields Is By Instilling In Them A Sense Of Cooperation, Not Competition


The best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry, or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation, not competition

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.

Although many accomplished leaders attribute their success to their feisty characters, I agree with the statement that it is more important to stress a sense of cooperation in nurturing our young generation. I hold this viewpoint for reasons having to do with our increasing competitive society in which the emphasis on cooperation is lacking and increasing number of issues which call for cooperation.

First, the fact that there are too many competitions in our society and yet it lacks cooperation provides powerful reasons for installing an educational paradigm that stress cooperation. For any social members, possessing a competitive spirit is not an option but a necessity since lives are replete with competitions. Any student, once he enters school, he faces competitions to get higher scores in exams. His parents hope that he could be top 5 or even top 1 in class. When he begins to climb career ladders, he faces a more fierce competition to occupy few interesting jobs, especially in such lean times. However, even if he holds the post, he cannot escape from following competition for a promotion, competition for winning admirations from colleagues and superiors, competition for marrying a beautiful wife, competition to send their children to best school, and finally competition for that their children would be the best. There is no more need to teach competition since most of us live in an arena. In contrast to the prevalent competitions, where is cooperation? There are very few occasions for us to notice its existence. In film, there are many heroes, while most of them act along. In news, many reports focus on successful combative businessmen or feisty businesswomen. However, nobody tells stories about those excellent teams behind. Now, we are increasingly witness the deleterious result due to such lack. In a football match, where we expect to see cooperation between teammates, we sadly saw internal conflicts since some players prefer demonstrate their own skills rather than pass the ball to teammates in a better position. In politics, political leaders even prefer to see the whole government fall into dysfunction rather to cooperate to find common grounds. Consider the role in played by both democratic and republican parties in debt crisis in 2011. Both parties refused to cooperate to raise the budget platform and reduce government deficit. In contrast, they selected to boycott and stymie all efforts to find common grounds which finally led a debt crisis whose repercussions still can be felt now.

Second, while in our society it lacks cooperation, we live a time where the globalization calls for people to deepen their cooperation. In this era, nobody could close the door and achieve great thing. About industry, designing, component production, and assembly now scatter in different countries. An engineer in the design office in United States, need to cooperate with a production engineer in China in order to know what flaws have been noticed in production. An Indian programmer need to work together with European customer service in order to know what programming bugs which customers complain most. With regard to environmental protections, no country could save the Earth alone. The cut of greenhouse gas emission demands a global cooperation. The prohibitions of using certain chemicals which deplete our ozone need also participations of all countries. When it comes to science, a large number of discoveries as well as innovations were achieved in the multi-disciplinary areas where scientists from different domains need to merge their knowledge in order to have some breakthrough. Some complex scientific project including sending probes to mars marks human triumph over nature. Those triumphs were achieved by a close teamwork of mathematicians, physicists, astronomers, mechanical engineers, biological researchers, as well as material scientists. The trend demands our society to put more emphasis on instilling in our future young leaders a sense of cooperation which would be compulsory for mankind’s advance.

Some people who oppose the speaker might point out that it is competition in free market which leads to business prosperity since anyone who cannot keep pace with technological or business paradigms fails by the wayside. It is competition among political parties which increase the governance transparency since one party will try to scrutinize the other in order to organize attack. Here I agree with those critics about the beneficial effect that competition could bring about. However, I would like to argue that the best competition is that every involved parts focuses on thwarting the efforts of competitors In my opinion, the best competitor is some one who understands when he needs to cooperate and when he needs to compete. The best competitor never fights alone. He understands the importance of cooperation and makes efforts to find allies in order to defeat whom he need to defeat. Competition and cooperation is two side of the same coin. Learning cooperation at the same time is learning about how to compete better. A good example involves the cooperation of Nissan and Renault both of them are producers of massive cars. Both companies once competed with each other over a quite long stretch of history. However when both companies face the overcapacity of productions in the market, they did not select to sell at low prices in order to crush each other. On the contrary, they selected to merge companies in order to be present in both Asia and European massive car market. The financial crisis which started since 2008 has eliminated many car companies. Renault and Nissan succeeded to survive up to now based on previous necessary cooperation which allows them to lower the risk.

To sum up, I agree with speaker’s claim that the best way to prepare our youths is to teach them the spirits of cooperation. Such claim reflects a growing role that cooperation plays in resolving our social issues. It also aims to address the problem of over emphasis on competition which is increasing demonstrating its deleterious effects.

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Thx a lot for your help. Your advice is very helpful and inspiring
August,16 2012

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