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Colleges And Universities Should Require Their Students To Spend At Least One Semester Studying In A Foreign Country.


Colleges and universities should require their students to spend at least one semester studying in a foreign country.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, describe specific circumstances in which adopting the recommendation would or would not be advantageous and explain how these examples shape your position.

Studying aboard in most cases certainly could prove to be very beneficial to students with strong motivations to do so. However, I don't think that forcing all students to study at least one semester aboard is a sound idea.

All colleges and universities certainly need to encourage their students to go aboard and spend one semester or more in a foreign country since in most cases such experience could bring many benefits. When it comes to some general benefits, we could mention ones such as increasing the understanding cultures of the host country, and effectively communicating with local students. Fifteen years ago, those benefits might not be crucial to the development of a student. However, the globalization which great facilitates the flow of human capitals increases our chances to work with a foreign colleague, to negotiate with a foreign client or to directly work for a foreign company in daily lives. Under this background, it would be very difficult for a student who does not know how to effectively communicate with foreigners and to respect other cultures to excel in their prospective works. Our colleges and universities certainly need to prepare students for this trend. One of the most efficient ways is to do so is to send those motivated students to a foreign country where a student find it easier to be acquainted with another culture and to get access to communicate with other peoples. Culture is a set of code of people's daily behaviors which one might not easily learn from books. Only when a student stay aboard, he would have all access to see how others behavior and to communicate with others to know how they think. It might not be an intended process of learning. But such understanding could be created even when a student does not notice. If a student would be a little more open to outside world, he certainly will have chance to play sports with local students, to drink beers in the bars with locals or to do some team works with local students together. During those daily contacts, they would learn how to express their ideas to make others understand as well as understand others.

Apart from those general benefits, some students with specific majors could also draw some specific benefits from their foreign experience. For example, for a student who want to learn Chinese, the most efficient way to learn do so is to stay in China and to communicate with locals. For a student who would like to learn arts, they might need to consider going to Paris, being a pilgrim to the capital of the art. Spending several days every month in the Louvre, getting access to a fodder of chef d'oeuvres would certainly be a precious experience for those potential artists. For a student who is interested in Science. Studying in Oxford would not only allow him to get access to many advanced equipments but also, if luckily, to find out some interesting research directions as well as to meet some prestigious professors which might change their lives. There are so many benefits for a student to go aboard. Certainly universities and colleges should encourage students to do so.

However, as many critics might point out, if a student who do not want to go abroad, and be unwilling to communicate with locals, why a university forces them to leave? Those critics certainly make their points. A college student should have been mature enough to decide what is best for them. There is no reason that a school does not respect their choice. If a student in science finds that he prefers make more progress in his scientific project during one semester than spend one semester in an unknown foreign college, his choice certainly make sense. If a college forces a student to do something he or she do not like, a student without motivation cannot succeed in doing so either. He might just isolate himself in his dormitory and refuse to communicate with any other local students. Or he spends 5 hours everyday chatting with his friends back home through the Internet. Then what benefits that student could draw from such imposed foreign experience? Respecting and encouraging might be a better way.

Moreover, there are a multitude of concrete difficulties in practice if universities and colleges demand all students to go aboard. The biggest problem is about financial means. Learning aboard could cost a lot of money. Certainly, just as some people might argue, a student could try to apply for some scholarships or grants. However, there are still many students who will have to take money from their own purse to finance such project. Now many students have already been under heavy financial burden to pay their tuitions or other fees. They might not be able to undertake another large expenditure. There exist some other reasons. Some students have to take care of their sick parents. Some might find too difficult to separate with their beloved ones for a long period. These concrete difficulties just make it impossible to force everyone studies at least one semester aboard.

To sum up, in order to provide students a better educational experience, our colleges and universities need to contact all qualified foreign universities aboard and encourage our students to study there. However, it still needs to remain to be an optional choice rather than a compulsory one.

Submitted by: qcao


Sorry, When I submitted this essay, I didn't know that I should only submit one essay every day. You can flag this essay if you will. Then I send it one per day.

Thx a lot for your help. Your advice is very helpful and inspiring
August,16 2012

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