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Laws Should Be Flexible (take Account Of Various Circumstances, Times, And Places)

Laws made the government should me flexible enough to change at any point of time depending on several circumstances such as whether the person did the mistake voluntarily or involuntarily and the time and place where he did the crime also should be taken into consideration.

In general we know that people may do some actions without knowing what they are doing, in that cases it not correct to impose the heavy laws on him. in such cases they should examine the details of the case clearly and should proceed further.

For example if a person’s bag is replaced by another bag which contain some explosives then one should not impose strict laws on the person whose is innocent .because he don’t recognize that his bag is replaced by another bag. law should to take into consideration of what had actually happened and should react and impose laws as per it, in order to do so the laws should be flexible.

By taking into the considerations completely and by changing the laws one can save the unknown people from punishment.

However in some cases people do the things voluntarily as they want it to happen. for example 9/11 attacks on empire state buildings of America was an voluntary action by the terrorists. Because of that many people died and suffered a lot, these kind of people should be imposed with strict laws for them laws should not be changed.

The place where the crime is occurred also would take into account. There is a difference in place of occurnce of the crime For example if a person ineffable and came to court room and making some nonsense then it’s a different case when compared to the same person lying on a road. So in order to make some differentiation for mistake they did they should be punished by taking the considerations such as place.

Similarly the time when people are making mistakes also should be taken into account. If a person has no option to survive without doing some crime then we should take that type of mistakes also into account and should have flexible in making laws.

Finally the laws should be made flexible enough so as to change at any point of time depending on the situation ,place and time.

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