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[corrected Version] A Nation Should Require All Of Its Students To Study The Same National Curriculum Until They Enter College.

National curriculum ensures a balance in the process of teaching and learning which includes the subjects taught, the knowledge skills and understanding required in each subject, standardisation in each subject and in reporting the progress of a child. Some people are of the opinion that a nation requires its students to study the same curriculum in schools. Others however argue that every school has the right to choose their own curriculum. I agree with the former statement because of the following reasons.

First of all, National curriculum establishes a common educational front in all schools which allows state to state comparison. For example if a student moves from one school to another or from one state to another; having a national curriculum is helpful for both the student and the educational institution. The institution finds it easy to assess the student from his/her marks whether they are eligible for admission to the proposed subject or not. And a student finds it easy to adapt to the new environment psychology and intellectually as he/she will be able to grasp whatever is taught and won’t find it difficult to catch up with classmates.

Secondly, with the introduction of a national curriculum the students will be exposed to greater variety of curriculum activities like practical works in various subjects, wide ranges of subjects, various methods of assessment and new approaches to learning like record keeping. For example periodic assessments is advantageous for the teachers to find out how students are faring in the subjects and who all are slow learners and the students will know their weaker areas giving them scope for improvement. Engaging students in practical works like conducting scientific workshops in various subjects have a positive impact on their thinking and they will find education more interesting and encouraging.

Those against the national curriculum argue that it might put more pressure on teachers and children ; like teachers have to devote more time for teaching using the methods as per the instructions in the curriculum, they have to prepare questions for periodic assessments and in turn check how students have fared in those assessments, assigning homework , dividing students into groups and conducting discussions and some students might find it cumbersome completing the homework and records, taking part in workshop and preparing for periodic assessments. All these add onto work load as well as mental stress of both teachers and students. By encouraging the teachers in taking training as per the curriculum guidelines, decreasing the work pressure on both teachers and students by engaging them in leisure activities and giving them psychological support the above mentioned drawback can be curbed to some extent.

In spite of the drawbacks; a national curriculum helps in assessing the students in a whole nation with the same yardstick and they don’t find it difficult in moving from one school / state to another, it helps teachers in identifying slower children and giving them more attention , improving the grasping and thinking power of students with the help of practical works.

Therefore I believe that every nation should have a standardized curriculum for its students and I strongly support it.

Submitted by: alrains

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