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Do You Agree Or Disagree With The Following? - Flagged

Do You Agree Or Disagree With The Following? It Is Better To Have One Or Two Close Friends Than To Have A Large Number Of Casual Acquaintances. Use Specific Reasons And Details To Support Your Answer.

Friendship the most important thing in the human social life. It is important because human need to be with friends, it is like something in the DNA. However there is a different sort of friendship, some people prefer to have one or to close friends on whom they can rely and some others prefer to know lots of people and consider them as a casual acquaintance. Personally, I agree with the assertion that it is better to have one or two close friends than to have a large number of casual acquaintances.

First, it is clear that having some few friends is all benefit for you, for the simple reason that when you have one or two friends you can share more things with them because you are more close to them and consequently you trust them. On the contrary when you have lots of let's say superficial friends. In other words, friends who are not really close to you, you cannot trust them easily, except if you are the kind of person who trust everyone. This point is vital for friendship and I guess it is the most important. As a personal example about trust in friendship, I used to have a friend who was my best friend, I gave her all my trust and she deceived me. I told her a secret about my family and she did not keep it. Furthermore, she made my secret up with adding some words that I have never said. Like it is said, the cake without the cherry is never delicious.

Second, in addition to trust, the next vital characteristic to friendship is comprehension. I believe that when there are two or three people, they can understand each other and solve problems easily. However, when it is a group of people, it is really hard to communicate and arrive to one agreed solution from every one. Instead of gaining time and take one decision, you will find yourself trying to convince and to satisfy everybody in the group and as they are not your close friends, this task will be really hard. For instance, one of my friend organized an out-door activity (hiking) the last summer and he invited all his casual friends to go with him, when I arrived, the day when we were supposed to meet, everyone was giving an opinion about how this activity should be and some of them started arguing about silly things, like the hour when they should come back, some others wanted to change the place they were going for. Finally, my friend cancelled this activity.

In conclusion, for all the reason I have given, I believe that it is really a bad idea to have lots of casual acquaintances. It is one thousand time better to have one or two truthful friends with whom you can communicate and have fun without arguing rather than to have miles who are not really your real friends.


Flag note

This essay has been flagged for deletion because its primary issue is the large number of language errors; that is an issue we cannot address here, except to point out the errors are of many kinds (such as comma splices, comma faults, fragments, articles, idioms, and the form of plural nouns). Purdue University has a good writing site that can help you work through many common language issues.
Submitted by: sanaa

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