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Gre Issue 142 - Flagged

Claim: Colleges and universities should specify all required courses and eliminate elective courses in order to provide clear guidance for students.

Reason: College students—like people in general—prefer to follow directions rather than make their own decisions.

As a college student who has benefited a lot from elective courses, I strongly oppose this claim and reason given below it. Specifying required courses and eliminating elective courses seem to me are just so unreasonable and can have unimaginable results.

First, eliminating elective courses takes a lot freedom away from students. Being able to choose courses they are interested in is one of the biggest differences between college students and middle school students, and colleges are thought to be a place of enough freedom in academic. If colleges just specify all required courses, then I think students would feel that their right of choosing their own interests future is invaded, and that is not colleges we want. Besides, there are many other ways for a college to provide clear guidance for students, for example, it can just require their students to take some core courses and leave some space for them to choose other elective courses. Providing a clear guidance is not contradict to providing elective courses at all, and it is not a good idea to eliminate elective courses which can lead to a limitation in students' study in order to provide clear guidance.

Second, I admit that some people like to follow directions rather than make their own decisions, for as far as I am concerned, they just do not want to bother to make decisions. However, granted that most people like to follow other's directions, it does not mean that most college students are inclined to do that too. As most people believe, college students are a group of youth (at least the majority of them are very young) who, when mentioned, always make us come up with phrases like rebellious, enthusiastic, free of thinking and dare to do. It is a little risky to say that this kind of people prefers to follow directions rather than make their own decisions. As a matter of fact, college students are always eager to make their own decisions so they can prove to the elders that they are grown up.

What is more, making one's own decisions is one of the most important things in one's life, and colleges should definitely encourage students to do it from an early stage in their lives. Giving their students freedom to choose elective courses is to give students good chances to make their own decisions, which should be a very helpful part in education. Instead, if the college simply does all the choosing for its students, students would lose the chances and it also tells the students implicitly that they need not to make their own decisions, but just to follow directions, which can cause passive impacts in their lives. So, in conclusion, I think colleges and universities should not simply specify all required courses and eliminate elective courses in purpose of providing clear guidance for them.


Flag Note

This essay has been flagged for deletion because its primary issue is the large number of language errors. Purdue University offers a resource for those interested in addressing that issue:
Submitted by: Michael

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