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Self-Introduction - Flagged

Self-Introduction For Scholarship Application

A Czech proverb says that “You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”

I am XXX and was born in XXX, a small city located in the west of XXX Island, where I lived for most of my childhood. I am actively involved in many extra-curricular activities held on my campus. A strong sense of responsibility and a wish to perform 100% at all times result in my academic score being outstanding although there were so many activities which I actively participated in.

When I was a child, I was fascinated by the diversity of languages, cultures and dialects. I also enjoy theater. One day, I wanted to be a polyglot. While many people think that the study of languages is insipid, rigid and difficult, to me it is an unfathomable ocean of amusement. I am impressed with the Korean cultures, ideas and the ways of doing things, like greeting each other with a slight bow and passing objects with both hands, and out of respect for the elderly, young people usually give up their seats for an aged person on a public transportation. I have learned to appreciate the local cultural differences.

I am always enthusiastic when listening to people speak about the Korean languages and cultures. Natural beauty, four distinct seasons, and diverse scenery in a small country allows for some great weekend exploring. South Korea’s rich historical tapestry fascinate me, because many elements of the past have been preserved in modern culture. South Korea has seen impressive economic advancement, and is known as one of the “Four Tigers of East Asia”. The Hallyu Wave is spreading K-POP culture everywhere from Paris to America and it’s huge in Asia and have made the Korean language is a very important language. Living, interacting and immersing with Korean society will provide a new way of visualizing the world and will give me the kind of insight that does not come from textbooks.

My interest in the Korean language was generated when I was 15 years old, when I saw “The Jewel in the Palace (2003)”. I was not expecting much for the first time when saw the film. But, after started to pay attention to the movie, it is kind of interesting. It introduces me the way of ancient Korean life, the food and the way they are thinking. This stimulated me to realize the charm of Korean. I started to seek out knowledge about the Korean language and culture, which continued to appeal me to present by joining the Korean Language Class held on my campus.

Korean produces some very entertaining TV shows. My favorite is the cute romantic comedy drama, like “My Sassy Girl (2001)”. My other favorites were “Dong Yi: Jewel in the Crown (2010)” which is a historical fiction and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)” which is a historical drama mixed with romance and comedy. My favorite Korean Reality Show is 런닝맨. It makes me to love Korea more than I had before. I think South Korea is Paris in Asia, because Korean seems well suited to romance. I do love Korean music and found several bands and singers that I enjoyed. I think I own most of album from K-POP singer on my computer. I am obsessed with the Korean food. Korean food is flavorful, from soothingly mild to piquantly pleasing, and a delight to the eye as well. I like the taste of 김치 and 불고기. The most I really wanted to eat is 순대볶음. I have a Korean name made by myself, it is 짐범. It was generated from 김범 and changed the family name to my nickname become 짐. Because of this, most of my friends called me 짐범 at campus even I have my own Korean name which derived from my Chinese name, it is 임미건.

I would like to deeply understand the Korean literature, culture, music and film at a deeper level than just liking the way it sounds and to be more aware of my culture. Study language and culture directly on the place where the native speakers live can be enriching and eye-opening adventure, where learning extends to the world beyond the classroom walls, an experience which matured me personally and intellectually, and exposed to new ways of thinking and living, which encourages growth and independence. This scholarship will give me an excellent platform for a career as a producer that specialized on bridging the gap of Korean language and culture education to the world.


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