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Australia Should Spend More Money Building Up Sport - FLAGGED

Australia Should Spend More Money Building Up Sport In Our Community Rather Than Our Elite Athletes. Discuss.

Sport is a very important activity for almost all Australians. Whether in a spectator's perspective or a competitor's. Likewise, Australian's generally necessitate victory and glory for Australian athletes whether at an elite or community-based level. On the other hand, when our athletes, principally at an elite level, do not perform as well as anticipated, more money is spent on facilities in order to improve the success rate. Although hard-working elite athletes deserve faciities they desire, is this the most effective method? In contrast, is it more significant to impress other nations with Australia's success in sporting events or improve the health and fitness of regular Australians?

Elite Australian athletes deserve facilities they desire. The Olympics come once every four years. Athletes who are capable of winning medals have commonly trained all their life for the prospect of succeeding in the Olympics. In return, and depending on the sport, they receive one or two opportunities to present their talent. Therefore it should be necessary and compulsory that more money is spent on elite training facilities. Also, research from sport scientist, John Reginald has shown that eighty-nine percent of athletes placed in an excellent sporting environment perform more superior in comparison to a sub-par complex. Furthermore, all athletes at this level have grown to a certain maturity where they are competent enough to capitalise on all the funding they receive. Why should the government spend money on people who aren't all able to take advantage of the funding and make it well spent?

On the other hand, more money should be spent to build up sport and wellbeing at a community-based level rather than at an elite level. Young Australians with a passion for sport require correct training in order to develop correct skills and technique. Research from the Australian Institute of Sport has shown, it is more important and economic to develop correct technique at a young age rather than correct bad technique at an older age as it requires much more time, effort and money. The act of spending more money on our elite athletes is simply a short term solution as they will compete, fail or succeed and depending on their age and sport never compete again. Whereas, nurturing our possible sporting future with correct knowledge and training is a good long-term action. Additionally, building more sporting facilities at a community-based level acts as a very effective advertisement as it attracts and encourages more people to get involved. This appeals more people to the sport that is promoted resulting in more athletes who are proficient enough to compete for Australia. In slight contrast, it is undoubtedly more vital to assist the health and wellbeing of Australian's rather than improve our ability to win medals. Statistics show, fifty-three percent of Australians are overweight or obese. More money could be spent on public sporting facilities to decrease this figure. Conversely, funding could be placed in other areas that effect obesity such as food and education. Instead of physically reducing energy consumpion or forcing sport on people of all ages, they could instead be better educated on the topic of obesity.

Thus, although Australian's competing at an elite level deserve more funding in return for their dedication and devotion, more money could be spent on community-based sport to provide even better results in the long-term. Furthermore, it is much more important to improve the health of everyday Australian's. If more funding is spent on public facilities and education, issues such as obesity will decrease and Australia, as a whole, will be an improved nation not just in sporting, but entirely.


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