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Educational Institutions Have A Responsibility To Dissuade Students From Pursuing Fields Of Study In Which They Are Unlikely To Succeed - With Free Essay Review

It is true that some people spend their lives studying or struggling in one area and ultimately do not succeed and mostly this is due to lack of knowledge and exposure about the realities of that profession in their student life. The true meaning of “education” is not just books and grades, it’s about overall personality development and finding things one is passionate about. In my opinion it is the responsibility of the institutions to educate students about the various options available to them so they can make well informed decisions. A student might be disappointed initially if someone dissuades him but in longer run it will be beneficial for him as he may find something else that he excels at.

It is better still if an institute can inculcate a culture of quest for knowledge among students, then they themselves will try to find or make an attempt to learn. In most cases students are never exposed to the realities of different professional fields. They are generally exposed to media and they only know about professions that are either glamorous or well paid and are ignorant about the realities of that field and end up regretting their decisions; e.g., a student who might be excellent in painting might take up acting only because he sees the glamour behind it and may not succeed. This is were educational institutions must step in; every field or profession has it’s own unique value.

One might argue that even if an institute does give sufficient guidance and is able to find an apt profession for a student it will not ensure success. This is true but in every case exceptions do exist; there are numerous examples where college or high school dropouts have made an impact; they have questioned social conventions, organization structure etc. Therefore Institutions need to find a balance between dissuading students and educating them about other choices. It is the overall holistic development of a student that matters the most.

To conclude we can say that an institution's responsibility is to motivate students to do what they love the most, even if they fail sometimes they should never forget their ultimate goal and along the way they should always remember that working towards the welfare of others and taking a sense of pride in the work they do are the real measure of success.


Essay Review

This essay does not quite answer the prompt adequately. You are asked to discuss whether educational institutions have a responsibility to dissuade students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed, but you devote a lot of the essay to telling us about other things a university should do. Note that saying a university should educate students about their academic and career choices, for instance, is not the same as saying it should actually dissuade them from pursuing fields in which they are unlikely to succeed. It would be reasonable to argue, in response to the given prompt, that educational institutions should not dissuade but rather only educate, but clearly you were not arguing that; and of course if you did want to argue that you would still need to devote most of the essay to explaining why you think educational institutions should not dissuade the specified students. The claims that you make in your essay are reasonable enough in themselves, but just not obviously relevant.

In order to address the issues raised by the prompt, you ought to be thinking first about what happens when a student pursues a field of study in which he is unlikely to succeed. What are the likely consequences for the student? Who suffers what cost when such students are allowed to pursue fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed? Who ought to be responsible for avoiding those costs?

You might find it helpful to read other responses to this prompt and their reviews on this site.

Best, EJ.

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