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Analysis Of The Poem Road Not Taken - Flagged

The road not taken is a poem written by a well known poet Robert Frost. It is a semi biographical poem. In this poem, he speaks about the choices.Everyday in life confronts with choice and one is ought to choose only one.After travelling a long way,sometimes we stop and look back.The poem symbolizes the incessant curiosity that resides within human nature,which ever choice is taken in lifewe will always wonder what possibilities the other choicemay have held.

The poet starts his poem bydepicting two diverging roads.Here, roads are used as a metaphor to represent choices that one can come across throughout the journey of life.Poet is regretful that he is able to travel only one path so he is compelled to choose.

He closely examine the one road and takes the other.It is not because he is prejudiced about roads but because the road is not taken by many.He is not careless in his choice.He is firm and takes which seems better to him. Not many people have been successful in that path that is why it had a better claim.

The poet seems to be telling that two paths are equal,but he becomes successful in conveying that a path in life that seems to be the same as another contains subtle difference that lead to different outcomes.

Even though, he doubts if he should ever come back,he is quite sure that decisions take to other decisions and yet still others,and it is impossible to retrace the steps and arriveback at the original decision. Even if, he seems to be regretting,there is a lot of pride in the choice he made,but he tells all these with the sign of wistfulness. He just wonder what would have been if he had taken the other road. He shows tremendous confidence in choosing something unusual. “And that has made all the difference” suggests that his strange decision brought him great success,and he is content with the choice he made.


Flag Note

Dear Shetal, we are sorry to have to delete another of your essays. The primary issue that you need to address here is the number of language errors. We cannot address that issue. The number of errors could probably be reduced by proofreading, but you also need to study the basic rules of English grammar systematically. Again, the Purdue site may prove helpful in that respect. Best wishes.
Submitted by: sheetal

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