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Governments Must Ensure That Their Major Cities Receive The Financial Support - Flagged

national development is considered as a development of city also rural areas . fund is the necessary for development either city or village . for development of cities like , roads , public parks , mall etc all need funds .but here is the issue preserved tradition . we very well known that traditions are preserved and generated in rural area not in cities . moreover , the population is much large in cities but in our daily life style we are forgetting our tradition we have no time for our cultural tradition . but in rural area they are still present .

first of all , development is nation is not only depend on development of cities. nation development is consider as a whole development . in villages or rural area still lack of facilities . in india , here are 60percent village . there are lack of many facilities like school , roads , electricity etc. fund is needed for rural area so that village also can develop .if development of nation is consider development of rural area is also needed.

moreover , traditional and cultural ritual are present and generated in villages . in cities we are forgetting our traditional festivals ,we are just running for our career . we have no time for follow the cultural and also it is impossible to live in our old traditional . banglore in india is the most developed city , it is called silicon valley . but there are lack of tradition . city is enough developed , if more funds are invested in the develop city, it is worthless. so the money is invested for rural area , there actually need the fund.

it is objection here many cities has heritage property so development is needed because it increase tourism , but it can't be say that cultural and ritual are preserved there . in india delhi is the capital of india .there are many heritage properties , but the tradition are not preserved there . here the issue is to provide fund where traditions are preserved .

in sum up , funds are invested there,where it demands . if we want to develop whole nation it is require to develop rural area as well as cities . traditional and cultural aspects are generated in village so , it is require to invest fund in villages for development.


Flag Note

This essay has been flagged for deletion because its primary issue is its number of language errors. We cannot address that issue here. Purdue University's writing site may prove useful if you wish to undertake a review of English grammar.
Submitted by: SHINA

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