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Universities Should Require - Flagged

Objective of university should be to let the student learn the course what he has enrolled for and also require him to learn those courses which are beneficial to society in general. In general there should be a defined core curriculum for each generic course appended by those courses which society requires from the student.

It would be more interesting if we are able to define the term variety of courses. If a university offering a course in science requires students to take other variety of subjects like in arts or psychology then it may do more harm to students then benefits.

Firstly taking up such subject is not optional but it is required so it puts unnecessary burden on students who originally had intention only to learn science. Chances are that students may not fare well in these other subjects, because they would have to distribute their focus from what they wanted to learn to what all they have to learn. Adversely, their learning in the actual subject that is science will also get impacted.

Secondly, by this approach university course hasn’t done any good with respect to developing better citizens because it has offered all of its subjects in specific technical domains. The course wouldn’t have stood so bad if the variety of course has been humanitarian subject. Let’s say the same course offers science subjects along with subjects such as well being, moral values and ethics. Point to stress here is that the other subjects are still required and is not optional along with the main subjects. When we have such a organization of course it may reap better rewards because students will able to focus on what he originally intended to learn and with it he has also learnt those subjects which he will be using in society on a daily basis. Studying these extra subjects will not deviate the focus of student either because these subjects are not very specific subjects but of daily use.

Thirdly one can raise an objection on weather students should be required to take other variety of subjects or should it be optional to them. Because when we require them to take these varieties of course weather of specific subjects or societical subjects, we are actually diluting his original intention to learn. Yes it is true that by requiring to take variety of other courses we are diluting his course. But then we all live in a society and it is necessary to train students to become good citizens along with subject experts in their field. So it would be ideal if we require a student to choose from variety of societical subjects along with his core modules.

In Conclusion, we can say that its best and ideal that university offers courses consisting of core modules which are subjectual in nature and it should require its student to choose from variety of other courses which will be beneficial for the student as well as society in general.


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