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Entrepreneurship And The Internet - With A Free Essay

Prompt: “Write a 500 word essay describing your personal experience with internet entrepreneurship or the importance of new ideas in the digital realm. Topics could include user experience, visual design or any other aspect of digital information you find interesting.”

The Internet is a relatively young concept. I am among the first generation to really grow up with it, and even I can remember a time when there was no magical cyber-space that could answer all of your questions. With such a new medium to explore, people are only just beginning to discover the potential of the internet’s uses; things like cyber-books, where libraries rent out a Kindle document via their website, or the ability to share photos with distant family members at the push of a button. Entrepreneurship in particular has changed forever thanks to the internet.

One of biggest things the internet has affected in business is convenience. Things used to be difficult to find. If you wanted that brand new book or movie, you had to rush to the store to buy it before they were out of stock. Now, you can preorder online. If you were looking for a rare, item, like a comic book or a baseball card, you had to hunt through every flea market, every yard sale to see if you would, by lucky chance, find it. Now people can sell their items on sites like eBay or Amazon. People no longer have to leave the comfort of their home to acquire practically anything you can think of. As a result, companies who don’t offer any type of online shopping have fallen behind. People just do not feel like leaving their houses when they know they could just push a button and buy whatever it was they needed. Wal-Mart, Target, many grocery stores, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Old Navy; these stores and many more offer online services in addition to having actual locations.

Another internet trend on the rise is companies that exist solely on the internet. I almost never make a purchase without first looking for the item on to see if they have it. It’s more convenient to go to a website that is the one-stop shop for nearly every item you possibly have on your wish list. As an added bonus, you can often access others’ wish lists on these sites, a handy feature when you are trying to think of a gift idea for someone. Other internet businesses like eBay and Craig’s List also allow for people to sell some the stuff they might normally give away just to be rid of it. Now, with auctioning sites, they have millions more interested customers to sell to.

The internet has also created an entirely new job department for businesses. There is now a dedicated employee to do such things as create and maintain the entrepreneur’s online shopping site, a web designer to make websites look their best and remain easy to use, and IT department to assist customers with their internet shopping problems.

All in all, the internet has changed entrepreneurship forever. Whether for better or worse remains to be seen, because I believe we have only just tapped the internet’s business potential.



I don't think your essay quite does what you've been asked to do. You don't describe (at least not in any detail) your personal experience with internet entrepreneurship, and more obviously you don't discuss the importance of new ideas in the digital realm (I’m assuming, then, that you chose the first option). I don't know what this essay is for, so I will leave it up to you to determine how big of a problem this is.

Your essay focuses for the most part on the general phenomenon of online retailing. You discuss the difference between now and the past, highlighting the conveniences afforded consumers of today by online stores. Although what you say in this respect seems reasonable enough (with the exception of the implication that people are no longer interested in patronizing brick and mortar stores, which in many locations continue to thrive), you are not discussing much your personal experience. You do tell us that you check out Amazon before making purchases, and explain that that's convenient, but a discussion of your experience cannot comprise only two or three sentences. You abandon that discussion almost immediately to discuss the emergence of a new job category. It is difficult to see the relevance of that discussion, even if what you say there is true.

I cannot tell you how to answer your question, only that you are not answering it, which probably doesn't seem very helpful. Sorry about that. I can say, I suppose, that if you want to talk about your experience as a consumer of products and services made available by internet entrepreneurs, the basic idea you have of comparing that experience with the brick-and-mortar world experience is probably a good one (just make it personal); that said, there is no reason to limit yourself to the obvious use of the internet to sell goods. I expect, for example, you've tried Pandora or Dropbox or Travelocity or 4chan or Reddit or Paypal or Facebook or Google, as well as Amazon. These are companies that provide old products and services [music, travel, money transfers] in new ways, or new products and services that were once not conceivable.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: AbiwonKenabi

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