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ALP English Essay - Flagged

You have 80 minutes to write an essay based on one of the following quotes. Be sure to have a thesis that responds appropriately to the quote. Take a strong position, use examples to support it and be sure to acknowledge the opposing view.

1. “No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.”

--by Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton writes : "No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess". With this, Issac Newton asserts that every discovery was established with people's assuming or curiosity. This means that everything, such as scientific invention, finding continents, and social progress, stems from questions. I believe that as people think and guess more and more, we can make a development with all areas such as economy, technology, and industry.

First, people have made an incredible progress of this society so far, questioning all about scientific area. Without any wondering, people could not make a remarkable achievement. For instance, Isaac Newton discovered the existence of gravity. He saw an apple which fell down from a tree, sitting on the bench. He questioned about this incident and tried to find the answer; why apple cannot be attached the tree. Due to his guess, he realized the gravity and people, nowadays, know what it is.

Second, Columbus believed that the earth is round, so he sailed to find a continent. Majority of people did not recognize the shape of earth. Although majority of people regarded the earth as a square, Columbus tried to prove his hypothesis. At the end of his sailing, Everyone changed their truth that the earth is not a square. If he did not have any guess about the earth, we would not still find any other continent.

Last, as people have more questions and guesses, people can become more creative and flexible. For example, I was a student of pre-med school in Korea. I used to follow school's curriculum, so I could not take other courses which I really want to take, such as finance, marketing, and music. This system of education made me feel bored and stopped me to think flexible. I lost my curiosity and passion for learning. Compared with system of America, I can take any classes if I really want to take them even though I am a pre-med student. My country's uniform education system never allow me to guess and question about another class curriculum. I just followed the way which was made by school, not myself. This might be a good way to graduate the school, however, this is not the best way to learn and solve students' guess and curiosity.

In my conclusion, I strongly believe that thinking, guessing, or questioning are the most important key to go forward through all areas. Due to the guessing, there have been great discovery and progress. No matter what to do, people must think, guess, and question.


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Submitted by: nate.kim07

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