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GRE Issue - Flagged

GRE issue: The surest indicator of a great nation is represented not by the achievements of its rulers, artists, or scientists, but by the general welfare of its people.

It is a difficult claim to assess before we define the term "a great nation" and the surest indicator. There is no authorative definition of a great nation, but i do think a great nation should be a nation that could reach the goals of the two aspects as the speaker mentioned. On the one hand, a great nation should have a group of excellent politicians, artists, and scientists, because they are the pioneers of the nation. While a qualified nation, should at least be able to provide the welfare of it people, let alone a great nation. So i hold that a real great nation should be supported by the elites, and also be presented by the welfare of its people. And partial emphasis on either side will make the nation out of the list of a Great nation.

Firstly, a nation should have a group of leading and excellent politicians, artists, and scientists. There are some compelling reasons for this.

A wise and capable ruler is a must of a strong nation. A capable leader usually promote policies that could help the nation out of crisis, and could improve the human rights of its people in various aspects. For example the previous US president

Roosevelt, which is acknowledged by not only the Americans and also people all around the world, and is titled as one of the most influential president that has led Americans to prosperity. President Roosevelt promoted his famous and profound New Deal during the Great Recession in Economy last century, which included a lot of hard and effective measures, like the reform of banks the construction of dam to provide the unemployed people with sufficient working positions, and so forth. All in all, Roosevelt’s New Deal is a turning point of the America’s revives from the bottom of the depression. and Roosevelt is symbol of the great nation USA. on the contrary , some cruel and tyrant monarch in Mid East, like the Gaddafi in Libya, is responsible the poor and turbulence of the nation and it people. Without a excellent an d wise leader, the human right will be threatened and even deprived by the tyrant rulers, which keeps the nation from being a great nation.

Also, excellent artists should also be dispensable of a great nation. On the one hand, art is the source of spiritual strength of a man, and is a necessary carrier and transmitter of the country's cultural customs and essential values. Artists, as the creator of the modern art and the inheritor of the traditional and ancestor culture, plays a key role in this progress.

Last but not least, a group of science and technology elites should be a must of independent and powerful nation. As is claimed by the economists, "science and technology are the first production force", the achievement of a scientist's research could increase the existed technique and boost the efficiency and increase the production, and even lead a revolution in related industrial field. Take the first and second Industrial Revolution for example. as we all know, these two revolutions made the European countries England, France, German, Spain stronger and England, specially extend its colonies all around the world and was name as "Great Nation with no Sunset". Yet, these industrial revolutions were initiated by a Group of scientists and engineers. Watt invented the first steam engine and Maxwell discovered the Four Basic Equation of electromagnetic Wave, which inspired the following blooming research and appliance of Electromagnetic Wave, and conceived the Siemens Motor and numerous electronic inventions.

So, we could see that achievements of elites are usually good symbols of a great nation, or the Apace of nation towards prosperity. Yet, we could not ignore the general welfare. A nation, with elites but poor welfare, is far away fro greatness and its shortcoming will be exposed in some way sooner or later.

On the one hand, elites in a great nation , work for not only his own reputation of wealth, but for the goal that his achievement could influence and bring good to as most people as possible. As I have mentioned above, Roosevelt take new measures to lead his people to go out of crisis, and the unemployed people benefited a lot from the new policies. Scientists, and engineers, solve practical problems that most people are now suffering from like diseases and famine. So the two aspects, are not always, if sometimes, contradictory.

On the other hand, some countries with leading rulers, scientists and artists, but fails to balance the gap between the rich and th poor, will fail to be recognized as great nation. Take China and India for example. These two countries are among the most "powerful developing countries", yet although they have wise leader that could unite the people and get well respected, but they fail in some aspects and hastily chasing the developed countries in science and military, and art. Thus an obvious gap between the minor rich and elites and the major poor and ordinary could be easily seen from the two examples. So without the satisfactory general welfare, a nation has a long to go to rank into great nations.

All in all, the achievement of the elites and the welfare should usually synchronize for a real great nation. Yet, some nations, once over-emphasized only one of the two sides, should perform reform to keep it from being ruled out the list of potential great countries.


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Submitted by: zhangyang

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