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Second Crucifixion - Flagged

second crucifixion is a selection from freedom at mid night which throws light on the tragic event that is assassination of Gandhi. The essay is the reflection of two historical context.

One is the crucifixion of jesus. The title crucifixion itself is a reminder of first crucifixion. Jesus was a believer. He further and said even Britishers are not Indians’ enemies. The call made by RSS was, all progressive Hindus should not join national talked of the kingdom of heaven. But he interrogated and dismissed the idea of strong, centralized nation. So fundamental Romans as well as Jews detested him. He was betrayed and got killed by his own people.

The second reference is to the partition of India. Gandhi’s dream of united India came untrue. Partition was inevitable. He fought against the idea of single nationhood. Idea of India was different for Gandhi than others.

Gandhi was a religious person, but he never dismissed other religion. He used to say that I cant be a good hindu until and unless I am a good muslim and good Christian. He knew the demarcation between being a religious person and being a fundamentalist. He believed that idea of god cant divide people. Moreover, india has been multi religious community. India has inter religious consciousness. Dress, customs, traditions all have mixed up. Religions have been co-exsisted and borrowed from each other. India was never a land of single religion. There may have been fighting but that could be settle.

Gandhi believed in multireligiousity whereas RSS/Hindu mahasabha had the conception of India as a pure Hindu Rashtra. They thought Gandhi was for muslims, he had come to impose shame on religion. In fact Hindu mahasabha went movements.

Gandhi and Jesus both were believers but they believed in Kingdom of heaven that is the kingdom which belongs to meek and gentle, not to the powerful people. Gandhi was greatly influenced by Jesus’ sermon on the mount, and he converted sermon on the mount into two principles, ahimsa and sarvodaya . Gandhi strongly accepted that violence increases violence. He had the dream of future India where welfare of all would be possible, where there would be no hindu muslim riots and India would be independent with its own cottage industy.

Gandhi was aware of the fact that he could be eliminated anytime. The last years of his life are years of dejection and dissolve. As Jesus was deceived by Jews Gandhi who struggled throughout his life for the welfare of India, was ironically killed by Hindus. So the title compares assassination of Gandhi to the crucifixion of Jesus.


Flag Note

This essay has been flagged for deletion because its primary issue is its large number of language errors. We cannot address that issue here, but if you are interested in reviewing English grammar, Purdue University's online writing site may prove helpful.
Submitted by: sheetal

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