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A Nation Should Require All Of Its Students To Study The Same National Curriculum Until They Enter College - With A Free Essay Review

"GRE ISSUE ESSAY- Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, describe specific circumstances in which adopting the recommendation would or would not be advantageous and explain how these examples shape your position."

The author's proposal that the students of a country should be taught the same curriculum till college gives rise to many promising as well as disadvantageous points.

One of the main advantages of this result would be that the education throughout the country will be standardised. Since all the children in the nation will be taught the same syllabus, a uniformity will be introduced. It can be extremely beneficial for some students who have to relocate. If a student has to relocate to another city, or even state for some reason, then he or she will not lag behind due to a different curriculum. In such cases, he will not waste time adjusting to a new syllabus and can instead resume where he left off from his initial school.

Another aspect where the standardisation of curriculum will be helpful is in case of the competitive exams. In a nation like India, where there are numerous education boards each having their own defined curriculum, it provides an unfair advantage to some students when they have to appear for national exams or entrance exams to junior colleges. In such circumstances, a national curriculum will provide an equal footing to all the students.

Expanding on the same concept, a uniform syllabus also means that students from rural areas or remote villages will not have an automatic disadvantage. They can avail all the same opportunities that their urban counterparts receive.

However, there is a flip side to the same point. Consider the fact that some of the children who hail from villages follow their parents footsteps and take up professions such as agriculture. For these children, learning subjects such as History and advanced Science and Maths is not beneficial. Instead, if they are taught subjects and skills which can help them in their own fields, it will be much more efficient.

Hence, in conclusion, there are several advantages as well as disadvantages to the proposal of the author, and the demographic as well as the education pattern of a nation should be taken into careful consideration before one can say whether the proposal will be completely beneficial to a country or not.


Essay Review

This is generally a reasonable response to the prompt so my criticisms will be few and brief. I think your claim that "a national curriculum will provide an equal footing to all students" is just a little vague, and perhaps underdeveloped and even one-sided. You claim in the next paragraph to be "expanding on the same concept" but that paragraph is more vague and a little confusing. You say students from rural areas "will not have an automatic disadvantage" but such students don't necessarily have such a disadvantage when there is no national curriculum, and when you refer to the "opportunities" they can avail themselves of, it is not clear (nor do you specify) what you mean.

You next argue that a national curriculum might fail to meet the specific educational needs of "children who hail from villages," which is a reasonable point, but your articulation of the value of having a distinct curriculum for such students ("it will be much more efficient") is relatively weak (a bit elliptical and vague).

Remember that the prompt asks you also to explain how your consideration of specific circumstances shapes your position; your essay should do that more explicitly than it currently those.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: Anuja

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