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My Confirmation - With A Free Essay Review

The Saint I have chosen for my conformation name is Saint Anne. Saint Anne is the patron saint of women in labor, Canada, Cabinetmakers, and Housewives. Saint Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus. Saint Anne was born in Bethlehem and married Joachim in Galilee. Anne and Joachim were married for twenty years and still had no children. Joachim prayed to God and fasted and soon after an angel came and declared that they would have a child. They were told to name the child Mary, and she would be dedicated to God. Anne has been known as an advocate of healing. She has also been known as an advocate for the poor, for marriages and for family. Her feast day is July twenty six and it is celebrated as the feast of Saint Ann and Joachim.

As I began researching patron saints of nursing, children, babies, and women in labor I came across Saint Anne. Saint Anne really stood out to me because she was the patron saint of women in labor and because of her caring nature, love and passion for Mary. Saint Anne is very important to me because I love children and in two years when I go to college I want to become a neonatal nurse. I know I am going to need to a lot of guidance from my family but I now have the guidance of Saint Anne through my prayers. Confirmation is also a chance to renew our Baptismal Vows. Making my conformation will allow me to make good decisions later in life. It will also help me fully understand the teachings of the church.

A sacrament is an "outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace". Confirmation is furthering our commitment to God with your own heart, mind and soul. I believe that being confimed allows to become an adult member of the Catholic Church. Confirmation is the strengthening of the Christian faith and the full communion with the church. Confirmation gives us an understanding of the Holy Spirit and helps us spread the faith by word and action as followers of Christ. Confirmation allows us to become connected to the church, and God.


Essay Review

This site is intended primarily to help seniors and college students who want critical reviews of argumentative or analytical essays. There's not much that one case say in response to an essay that doesn't require critical commentary. I can point out that you need to proofread your essay (one can almost always point that out), and proofreading in this case will also mean attenting to the spelling of the eight word in the first sentence - of all the words to spell incorrectly! (That won't he underlined as an error by your word processor's spell-check program because "conformation" is indeed a word, just not the one you want.

Your second paragraph should probably end at the word "prayers" because the rest of the paragraph really concerns a separate topic (as a rule of thumb, choose one topic per paragraph).

The new topic introduced there ("Confirmation is also a chance etc." - note that you get the spelling right) concerns the value of Confirmation; your use of the word "also" suggests that you've already said something about that value, but that is not the case. The topic is also the topic of the third paragraph, so obviously you could attach the last three sentences of the second paragraph to the third paragraph and the world would make sense again.

In response to another essay about Confirmation, I said a few partly-glib words about the claim that Confirmation brings us to "full communion with the Church [note that I capitalized "Church" here, which I think is right). You can check out those comments at the following url:

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: Hannah

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