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California Versus Illinois - With A Free Essay Review

Have you ever lived in a place for years and have developed a routine that’s comfortable but all of sudden to be redeveloped again in a different state? Imagine changing your life to something entirely new. California and Illinois are two states in the United States that I have lived in. Although they are both states that I love, they are entirely different. They are different because of the land features, the lifestyle that people live, and the diverse population that each state has.

In the golden state I learned to appreciate different geographic terrains whereas, Illinois is mostly flat land that grows corn, California has one of the most beautiful mountain equipped with the most amazing scenery. In Illinois, traveling seems to be a long journey to a short destination because of the perception of nothing but flat lands inhibits the mind to get entertained while impressive rock formation is just a few steps away during a drive in the state of California. One thing about California is once the mountains are passed the intense heat of the desert makes anyone’s temperature rise up to 100 degrees. Illinois has wonderful looking pastures that make anyone appreciate a nice picnic on a nice summer day. Although both states have a body of water, The land of Lincoln only has Lake Michigan versus California has a beach running all through out the coast.

Secondly, although each state may go through four seasons, Illinois is pretty limited when it comes to lifestyle during the winter time . The golden state has snow covered mountains which many enjoys snowboarding and skiing. Snowboarding and skiing are tougher and challenging sports compared to Illinois’ ice skating in a man made arena. In the summertime, Illinois has the luxury of enjoying boating as their past time. California appreciates boating also, but surfing extends creativity like “becoming one” with the ocean all through out the year. Nightlife in both states differ by the appearance and demeanor each individual represents. City life in Illinois encourages “hipsters” to dress to impress versus California welcomes sandals, t-shirts, and board shorts. In Illinois, dressing-up is looked upon as being cultured while being in velour is criticized as being lazy.

Lastly, People is what makes both states. People in California are considered more laid back because at the end of a long work week they reward themselves by kicking back and enjoying each others company while Illinois is constantly on-the-go. Illinois personifies someone who strictly follows a schedule and rarely takes a breath to look back on the hard work each day. The city life in Illinois is a regular hustle and bustle to places. Bumper to bumper traffic in the city extends travel time twice as long. Living in the suburbs of California gives pleasure of relief because traveling to a destination seem like you don’t feel rushed. Finally, In the golden state, Hollywood is admired by people who would like to get their looks enhanced through plastic surgery. Many base their success using their appearance rather than striving for education or hard work. People in Illinois in the other hand, respects their appearance securely the old fashion way like getting a degree and starting a career.

In conclusion, living in Illinois and living in California differ in geographical terrain, way of life, and the composition of people. Different types of lifestyle affects their way of living. In California, You can be at the beach in the morning, the desert in the afternoon, and the mountain at night. In Illinois, people celebrate culture by embracing diversity. Overall, both consist of variety of people that make up each states.



This seems like a fairly superficial comparison based on a fairly superficial portrait of the states that you take in view here. That is perhaps a consequence of your attempting to cover too many points of comparison and contrast, but it is perhaps also a consequence of the comparison not having an obvious point. The essay seems to be comparing two states for the sake of it. That probably doesn't seem like much of a criticism, since you are probably responding to one of those artificial "compare and contrast" essay prompts. Even so, you ought to try to find some way to make your comparison interesting to your reader, and you can only do that if the comparison serves to teach your reader something, even if that is only why California is a much more interesting state than Illinois (or, however unlikely[!], vice versa). Doing something like that will give your essay an argument about which the purpose of your essay can cohere.

You should probably also try to include a little more nuance in your descriptions of the states, because readers tend to like nuance (go figure). "Bumper to bumper traffic" is a feature of both Chicagoland and the greater LA area; interest in appearance is both a feature of Hollywood types and Chicago hipsters; and you cannot really distinguish Illinois on the basis of its interest in "education or hard work," despite its status as a financial center, or the presence of Northwestern or Chicago University, when Silicon Valley is in California, as well as Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, and Caltech. Generally, you paint these portraits with a broad brush, but the broad brush approach doesn't work very well for whole states (perhaps especially not for one that is known for several sizable cities and a relatively sharp division between its north and its south.)

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: hop37ess

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