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Love And Arranged Marriage In India Today: Negotiating Adulthood - With A Free Essay Review

Prompt: I need to write a critical review on the article “Love and Arranged Marriage in India Today: Negotiating Adulthood” by Nancy S. Netting

Arranged marriage concept in India has been a tradition that has been followed by the Indian society for many centuries now, it has been a topic that has been debated by many people and most often is opposed by people of the twentieth century. In this paper, the author Nancy S. Netting has looked at the two opposing sociological theories, one of them being against the arranged marriage concept often termed as the modernization theory; and the other in favor of the arranged marriage concept, often termed as neo-traditionalism theory. Netting states in this paper that how many young people in India want to take an active part in choosing their life partners because it is their life. Moreover, they want to work with their parents and not against them.

According to a debate on about whether arranged marriages infringe on the freedom and rights of people, 75% people did not support arranged marriages and thought that individuals should have the right to choose their own life partner compared to that only 25% people supported the concept of arranged marriage stating that parents know their children well and will look for a person who they think will provide their child with a happy, secured future.

In this paper, Netting has used a qualitative approach by using open ended interviews as one of the methods to gather her data from 30 never married people from different parts of the country. In this article she relies on the functionalism social theory that helps build the social structure in our society, thus promoting integration, stability and balance in our society. One of the weaknesses of functionalist perspective is that this change to the arranged marriage concept being taken over by the western style concept that promotes individualism is seen to have a negative impact on the Indian society. It is also believed that if one part (that being the tradition of arranged marriages) of the society is altered, it will affect all the other traditions followed in Indian society eventually.


Does arranged marriage infringe on the freedom and rights of people? (2010). Retrieved 07 05, 2012, from

Long, R. (2012, May 05). Retrieved from INTRODUCTORY SOCIOLOGY:


Essay Review

Your introductory paragraph tells me two things (in its final two sentences) about claims made by Netting. I think you should aim to give a fuller overview of Netting's argument and, since you are writing a critical review, at least an initial indication of your critical opinion of that argument.

Your second paragraph is really unnecessary. A trite survey of trite opinions on an internet website has no statistical significance or critical interest. If you did want to use it, however, then you should at least explain how it helps you assess the value of Netting's essay.

Some of the claims in the third paragraph are unclear. For instance, you say that the functionalism theory helps build social structure, but theories don't help build things (except perhaps knowledge); perhaps you mean that theory helps one understand things instead. Even in that case, however, it would remain unclear what, in your view, promotes integration (of what?), stability (of what?) and balance (in what sense?). The claim in the next sentence is unclear. The sentence is poorly worded and structured, so it is unclear what you are saying the weakness of the functionalist perspective is. In truth, by the end of the essay, I still have very little idea of what Nettings has said in her article or of what you think about it. I recommend that you start over with a view to trying to communicate those two things in simple, clear sentences.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: manzey

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