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GRE Issue Essay: Governments Must Ensure That Their Major Cities Receive The Financial Support They Need In Order To Thrive - With A Free Essay Review

“Claim: Governments Must Ensure That Their Major Cities Receive The Financial Support They Need In Order To Thrive. Reason: It Is Primarily In Cities That A Nation's Cultural Traditions Are Preserved And Generated.”

I completely disagree with the given reason for the claim because a nation’s cultural traditions are also dependent on other cities apart from major cities. In fact, major cities don’t have an unique cultural tradition, despite having eclectic cultural traditions. The reason has flaws in itself but even if it is considered true, the claim is not effectively substantiated by it.

For example, financial support is mainly needed for development of a city and preservation of cultural traditions is not related with it. So, even if the false reason were assumed to be true, it wouldn’t have any connection with the given claim. Undoubtedly, governments should ensure financial support to the major cities for their development because the economy of a country is mainly controlled by industries and companies present there but not because nation’s cultural traditions are generated and preserved here.

Cultural traditions are mainly preserved in small cities and rural areas where a specific group of people are present in majority. The traditions of major cities are not unique. Dynamic nature of culture in major cities mars its preservation there. So, the reason has inherent faults.

To sum up, the given reason is itself false and also doesn’t ratify the claim, whereas the claim is undoubtedly true because of the relatively high importance of major cities because of their being the centre of the economy, development, politics and education. Also, the preservation of cultural traditions requires the concern of related people but not financial investment.



I think it is reasonable in principle to write an essay in response to this kind of prompt that agrees with the claim but disagrees with the given reason for the claim. Your disagreement with the reason is both unclear and one-sided, however. It's not clear, for instance, why you think the traditions of major cities are not unique or why you think the lack of uniqueness that you associate with the traditions of major cities means that such cities do not preserve or generate cultural traditions. If you think cultural traditions tend to die out in the cities, then you need to explain why you think that. Blaming the "dynamic nature of culture" is too vague.

Your disagreement with the reason is one-sided in that your essay does not address any of the possible reasons one might have for thinking the given reason reasonable. For instance, what about all of the cultural places and events that one tends to find in major cities (museums, theatres, exhibitions, shows)? What about all the social forces that might help to generate cultural traditions that one might find in major cities (artistic movements, intellectual organizations, and so on)?

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: Ss12345

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