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Scandals Are Useful Because They Focus Our Attention On Problems In Ways That No Speaker Or Reformer Ever Could. - With A Free Essay Review

“Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.”

I agree with the above statement because scandals always reflect the dark side of the present society and their immense popularity always focus our attention on problems better than other agents. Scandals always highlight current issues of malpractices and other immoral behavior by producing real life examples which grabs our attention towards them.

For example, many corrupt officers are caught while taking bribes which catch our attention and help us in identifying the motives and consequences of malpractices. A fear for committing crimes prevails when severe punishment is given to the corrupt person involved in scandal. On the other hand a speech by a speaker or reformer always lacks such live visual and current examples of incidents resulting in lessening of gravity of it.

Other recent and popular examples of scandals are that of chief of IMF who is Strauss Cahn and former top Polo player who is Tiger Woods. Both were in news for being womanizers. The news of their scandals spread like wild fire all over the world bringing utter shame and defame for them. Their fans and followers were shocked after knowing the stark reality of their role models.

To sum up, scandals of famous personalities always left an immitigable impression on our mind due to it’s relation with our current society and are more effective in grabbing our attention due to projection of evils of our present society.


Essay Review

Your essay makes only one argument in support of the original claim: "scandals ... produc[e] real life examples which grab our attention." I think this is a reasonable argument although perhaps it is incomplete; it doesn't really clarify whether you think our attention is focused on the example or on the problem (to take the case of Tiger Woods, did that scandal focus our attention on the problem of sexual addictions, if that is what Woods suffered from, or on the problem of marital infidelity, or did it just focus our attention on the peculiar life of Tiger Woods?). The good thing about this argument is that it at least attempts to distinguish between the impact of a scandal and the impact of a speaker who "lacks such live visual and current examples."

Beyond that argument, your essay offers relatively little, and I don't think it is enough to produce one claim. I would recommend eliminating the paragraph about Cahn and Woods (the latter by the way is a golf player) since you don't need more than one example to illustrate a point, and this paragraph doesn't in fact explicitly relate the examples to your position on the original claim. I would recommend instead that you develop arguments based on other issues relevant to that original claim, bearing in mind that you must consider opponents of your own view. Consider, for instance, what motivates the production of scandals by mass media, and whether scandals are typically about serious problems, and whether they focus our attention on those problems in general or on the particular example of the problem; and if they do sometimes focus our attention on problems, whether they focus our attention on the right problems, or whether they are sometimes a distraction. You might also consider whether scandals have any lasting impact. If you want to introduce examples, it might be helpful to look at specific examples of scandals that led (or failed to lead) to a problem actually being addressed.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: Ss12345

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