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Nations Should Pass Laws To Preserve Any Remaining Wilderness Areas - With A Free Essay Review

Instructions: "Write a response in which you discuss your views on the policy and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider the possible consequences of implementing the policy and explain how these consequences shape your position."

The issue of preserving wilderness areas in their natural state is a hot debate especially when the same area could be used for economic gain. On the one hand, there are supporters of this law which see the nature as the important part of their culture which must be preserved. On the other hand, there are people who take the view of cost and benefit analysis. This is a more capitalistic way of thinking in which economic gain takes precedence over preserving the wilderness areas. Hence, the two approaches are always in question and the supporters of both keep on presenting their views. However, economic gain should not be the criteria to judge things in every case and the question of protecting the wilderness in their natural state is valid in this sense.

Due to the same reason, the governments all around the world spend millions to protect their natural environment. For example, the Australian government takes a keen interest in this issue and this is a reason we saw a number of national heritage parks in the country in which the focus was to keep the environment in its natural state. A huge part of Australia also consists of desert which has kept in its natural state. The idea here is to protect the nature and preserving the diversity of areas in the natural state. As a result, Australia is known for its multi nature geography. On the one side, there are lush green lands and while there are wilderness areas in the form of desert on the other.

Another example of preserving the nature is of Middle East especially Dubai which hosts millions of tourists every year. Dubai is a classic example of modern engineering; a whole new man made world is created on the barren desert. But what is important to mention here is not the engineering works but the variety it offers. Despite the modern architecture, the government has made sure to preserve the area in its natural form. This is why Dubai is best known for desert safari where you have a chance to experience a real Arab environment in the wilderness of the desert. As a result, tourism plays an important role in the economy of the country. Thailand and Maldives are best known for their wild islands throughout the world where you have the chance of experiencing the real nature. There are many islands which are kept in their natural state. Tourism alone contributes more than 4% to the economy of Thailand and its respective is growing over the years while the economy of Maldives is dependent on tourism.

Therefore, every effort should be made on the part of the government to balance between the two decisions. The economic perspective is no doubt important one but a good balance is required so that the wilderness areas which add beauty to the environment remain in their natural state. The natural heritage is an important part of every nation and there is no harm in making laws for their protection.



In a test situation you should probably avoid wasting time writing sentences that contribute nothing of value to your analysis of the issue or argument (sentences like this: "Hence, the two approaches are always in question and the supporters of both keep on presenting their views"). Focus on the actual task of analysis, and in the way delineated in the instructions.

In your second paragraph, you make a factual claim (governments spend money) and give an example (Australia). This paragraph is reasonably well written, but is also not responsive to the prompt, and in the absence of a complete analysis of the issue elsewhere in the essay, in which you offer and explain the actual reasons you have for your view on the original claim, you would be unlikely to get much credit for such a paragraph.

Your next paragraph has the same problem. You give an example of a place where the government has "made sure to preserve the area in its natural form" but you don't explicitly articulate any argument that this example would support or illustrate. You are perhaps implicitly arguing that it is important to preserve wilderness areas for the sake of the economy (which would benefit from tourism). If you want to make that argument, then you really need to make it explicitly (that is, in sentences like this: "It is important to preserve wilderness areas for the sake of the economy etc."). Once you've done that, you can then offer Dubai as an example where this has been successfully done. But since this is an argument about preserving wilderness areas when there is some economic gain to be had from doing so, you also need to go further and analyse the issue of whether you should also do so when there is no economic gain.

Your conclusion is a reasonably strong conclusion, but none of the claims that you make there have been adequately supported in the essay.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: Zaidi

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