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Government Funding Of The Arts Is Necessary - With A Free Essay Review

Some people believe that government funding of the arts is necessary to ensure that the arts can flourish and be available to all people. Others believe that government funding of the arts threatens the integrity of the arts.

The promotion and flourishing of any art requires government funding as without that it will be stagnant due to lack of proper infrastructure and proper schools.

There are many artistic skills that people possess in childhood. Some like to do drawing and painting, the others want to be a guitarist or pianist and some others want to do weaving and sewing, but due to the lack of proper schools and knowledge their innate skills as an artist get suppressed. If there are good art schools set up by government or funded by government then they will get a chance to learn more in their area of interest and thereby attain perfection in their field. If government funding is available for an art school, then it will provide good infrastructure like proper equipment and good teachers, and less fees, thereby help even the less privileged children to develop their interests. Also children will be able to learn advanced skills in that area.

For example: There is one government funded design school named the National Institute of Design that has courses in many areas of art. They have very good infrastructure and students attain degrees in their desired field of interest and reach to higher levels.

On the other hand there are examples in which less government funding lead to less promotion and advancement of that skill."Khadi weavers" did not get any government funding so Khadi could not get promoted because people were already using other types of clothing and they did not get a chance to use Khadi as only a few stores have khadi clothing.

If we think of the other side, then we can definitely say that if government funding is available then there will be more government regulations on the quality and work of art as well as on the government funded schools as they will have to adhere to government rules. As a result because of imposed regulations there are some tasks that cannot be performed resulting in a less creative form of art.

Thus we can say that government funds are needed for the promotion and survival of any kind of art, as creativity alone cannot work without proper support.



Your essay does not tackle many of the relevant issues on this topic. You argue first that government funding can help provide good art schools that can help children learn “advanced skills.” That is a reasonable point, though not one that is well illustrated or supported by your example; the example illustrates the existence of a government supported school, but not much more than that. The school issue, moreover, is really the only issue that you tackle. You don't discuss government support of independent artists or of museums. You don't discuss whether and why government support is more or less valuable than private support or the support that artists can (all too rarely) get from the market for the artists' work. In the case of schools, you don't explain why you think government-supported schools offer a better option for the flourishing of the arts than private schools.

In your penultimate paragraph, you address the issue of government interference by way of rules and regulations in the production of art that it supports. The final sentence of that paragraph is a bit vague about the consequences of such regulations; it is difficult to know what you have in mind when you say "some tasks that cannot be performed" and it is unclear why you say this results in "less creative forms of art." It doesn't go without saying that regulations hamper creativity; it might even be argued that the force the artist to be creative.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: sana

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