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What Qualities Or Unique Characteristics Do You Possess That Would Allow You To Contribute To The UCF Community? - With A Free Essay Review

If you were to ask my closest friends and family to describe me in one word it would most likely be “unique” or “different”. As I have lived my life I always have had my own opinion about everything. A person’s negative thought about me would never change my actions or feelings. I’ve always tried to live by “There is just one life for each of us: our own.” by Euripides. I have my own thoughts and opinions on any subject and will always stay strong to them, no matter what.

I am not the person that follows the crowd. However I am the leader of the crowd. Throughout my life I always lead in whatever I do. When I hear “follow” I think of being dependent on someone else’s thoughts and having no mind of your own. By leading I show my thoughts and feelings, but I am not discouraged by those who disagree.

Another quality that I have is the ability to look at the bright side of everything. I have always seen the glass half full. Even in the hardest circumstances I keep my cool, and work to fix the problem. I have been told by other that it is hard to see if I am happy or sad, because I am always laughing even under the toughest times. I have a knack for getting the good out of anything, and seeing the bright side. I believe time spent complaining and upset is time wasted.

My passion for to achieve my goals in life separate me from the field. My uniqueness, leadership, and optimistic personality are all traits I can bring to any given place. If given the honour to be a UCF community member I would bring qualities that no student could bring to the table.



It is never a good idea to resort to cliches, since this is rather like resorting to the tired and empty banalities of the general hordes of essay writers. It is an especially bad idea to do that (to speak of the glass half full, and of separating oneself from the field, and of having something no others "could bring to the table") in the very essay where you claim to be different, even unique.

That claim itself, however, is as likely as any other, to mark you as a member of that nameless, homogeneous horde. The same is more or less true for the claim about being a leader, and your attitude to leadership and "following" is, I'm afraid, neither nuanced nor necessarily appealing; some readers may find it both arrogant and, for a student who will need in some respects to follow many paths in college life that have been predetermined by experienced professors, inappropriate. Generally, despite what you say about being unique by virtue of having your own opinions, it is not clear to me from this particular essay that your opinions really are your own. You don't really tell your reader what you think about the concept of leadership, and its role among peers, and in a university setting, for instance. You follow the crowd in saying that you are "not the person that follows the crowd," for that is exactly what the crowd says.

Since the person who will read your application may well have a physiologically unpleasant reaction to the words "leader" and "leadership," I would suggest that your consider elaborating instead the third sentence of your penultimate paragraph. Explain how you cope with difficult circumstances; how you learned to cope in that way; what the value of that is in life; and what you expect its value might be in university. Instead of talking about being different, write differently.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: sweety

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