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Learning A Second Language - With A Free Essay Review

Learning A Second Language

The language learning process is one of the most natural brain activities of a human. Actually, this activity commence while we are creating brain connections during the last months that we lived as an unborn. We start listening sounds from the exterior and many researches suggest that we are able to capture emotions thorugh the entonation and emphasys of the words. The jorney of mastering the language starts at this point; However, once we have created the brain connections required to develop succesfully a natural speech learning a secound language can become a little more challenging for many ou us.

First, age is a key factor during the acquisition of a second language. We all have heard that kids are like sponges processing all kind of information, reasong for this may be that since the're still creating associations of words, structures and sounds they're less likely to question about the discrepancies betweeng two languages.

Second, as we grow up we create the necessity of a reason for learning something new. It could be for a requirement in academics, a special intererest for the culture, making friends, etc. On the other hand, a child does not need any special motivation when he is introduced in this proceess with the help most of the time with loving parets.

For this reason I support the idea that every child should be exposed to languages at a very early age.



The writing is fairly sloppy here, with the errors in most cases being simple and obvious spelling or typographical errors. I trust you can identify these errors yourself by proofreading.

Given the ultimate argument of the essay (that it is a good idea for children to learn a second language), the first paragraph seems a bit off- topic for me. It's not clear, in other words, why you are discussing the formation of brain connections (in utero) relevant to language acquisition, when you could instead get straight to the point with a well-wrought thesis statement. That would seem to be a good strategy in a short essay of this kind. If you wanted actually to argue that learning a second language is useful for the further development of such connections, and that such further development does something interesting (like make the child smarter or happier or more attentive than it would otherwise be) then the introductory paragraph would, of course, have a clear purpose. But that is not the case in the present draft of your essay.

The first point you raise specifically about the acquisition of a second language is that age is a key factor. But you don't draw any explicit conclusions from this fact. So the purpose of this (your second) paragraph in relation to your thesis is also unclear. You need to make explicit argumentative claims: "One reason that it is a good idea to teach young children a second language is that etc."

The same point could be made in relation to your second claim. The claim about motivation is reasonable in itself but you need to clarify its implications for your argument.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: micsa81

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