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Are Grades Good For Students? - With A Free Essay Review

Some experts think that evaluation of students based on grades should be omitted from the current educational system, in that this system prevents students from doing research and studying subjects profoundly; students focus all their attention on just exams, so that they do not go further to improve their level of education. However, I do think otherwise. I do believe students should receive any grade to get encouragement and to monitor(follow) their progress.

First of all, grades give students motivation and encouragement. Students attempt to get a good grade in exams, because they want to have a high profile in the class and their classmates see them as a talented and intelligent person. In particular, studies show that in coed schools students have more desire to study hard, as they want to show their abilities to the opposite sex thereby studying hard to get a good grade in lessons . Further, being grade in an educational system makes a competitive environment and encourage students to be top student in the class. Therefore, if getting a lower grade in an exam than their classmates, the student will see their classmates are more studying and putting effort into their lessons, so that to compete them he gives all his effort to compensate the previous grade and show his competency to his classmates.

Secondly, grades causes students to keep track of their progress on their studies. They will see what their negative points are and in which subjects they are more talented. With identifying their negative points, they attempt to overcome them and evaluate their studies methods in that subject. If they see they studied hard but they get low grades, they may find out their study skills are not good. Moreover, with grades, they can understand in which subjects their mind are sharper. They find out that their math skills are better or they have more ability to memorize issues. Therefore, they can choose a better field for their future. In light of these matters, grades give a direction to the students and guide them in a right way.

By and large, grades makes schooling much more efficient. Not only do they give students encouragement but also students can detect their negative and positive points. I do hope any educational system help students become an influential member for their society.



Your essay makes a reasonable case for the usefulness of grades, although you sometimes articulate arguable claims as though they were universal truths. For example, you say "With identifying their negative points, they attempt to overcome them and evaluate their study methods in that subject." If you had decided for the sake of contrarianism to argue the opposite case, you might have said, "Having identified their negative points, they become depressed and drop out of school." Perhaps that is a silly argument, but for what precise reason should I prefer yours? You need to either provide such a reason, or cheat a bit by qualifying your claims to the point of their no longer being arguable: "It may be that some students will attempt to overcome their problems and evaluate their study methods." Alternatively, you can try to make the kind of claim that isn't just an assertion insofar as it seems to have a purely logical underpinning: "Students will have difficulty identifying problems if their work is not graded." Of course, that argument would be more persuasive still if it acknowledged that grades are not the only way of providing feedback: "Students will have difficulty identifying problems if their work receives no feedback." But at this stage you would perhaps no longer be in agreement with your original position.

If a series of revisions of your original argument lead you to no longer be in agreement with your original position, then I suspect that something good has happened in the course of those revisions. That "something good" is called argumentative development. Perhaps the best way to achieve argumentative development is to consider the best possible argument that could be made by your opponent in this debate over grades. You don't do that in your first paragraph, although you do at least mention one possible reason for not approving of grades. You need to try to think of the best arguments that could be made against grades and then explain, if you want to hold on to your original position, what is wrong with those arguments.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: ehsaneslami2008

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