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Film Portfolio - Creative Ideas - With A Response

Coming up with a creative idea for a potential project is a great feeling. Every time I come up with something I think I would like to make in the future I right it down in my note pad on my iPhone.

Recently I have been thinking about making a YouTube account with some of my friends and making a bunch of skits that involve people in awkward situations. They would only last about a minute or two maybe even less but awkwardly funny are always fun to watch. I also thought about making a short web series on YouTube about a group of college kids who move in together and all dress like a stereotypical nerd with slacks, a tucked in polo, framed glasses, pens in their shirt pockets; but outside of their academic world of studying for tests and doing homework their a bunch of over the top obnoxious and loud college kids.

Another one of my more recent ideas that I thought would an interesting silent film project was to film multiple situations that have people being loud, for example a mother yelling at a son for getting a bad grade, someone getting fired by their boss, a boyfriend and girlfriend arguing, or a police officer yelling at someone skating and then take away all the sound from the yelling, in my head I envisioned this in being black and white and silent to give the viewer an awkward feeling when watching people yell in silence.

Iíve been playing an instrument called a groove box for about 2 years now, and for a while Iíve wanted to make a live recording of me playing one of the songs Iíve made. I have all sorts of ideas for this project, but itís hard to decide which song to actually pick. A lot of the songs I make vary in tempo and thatís what makes it hard in the end because I could edit a video to a slow song a lot differently then to a song with a BPM of 150.

I think feelings have a lot to do in anything make musically or write, being able to make someone feel what your feeling or what a certain character is feeling is something I like about making films and music. Iíve started to work on writing a script for a short film project I had in mind about a person who accidentally kills a stranger in a car accident and instead of calling for help, hides the body and thinks he can go on with his life normally; but later on starts to develop a series of psychological problems that eventually end up leading to his own death.

These are only a few creative ideas that Iíve come up with, and Iím always thinking about new ones and writing them down in my iPhone so that I wonít forget about it, and come back to it at some later




This is not really an essay, but a list of things you've thought about doing. I don't have the expertise to critique your creative thoughts, so I'm afraid that leaves me with little to say, beyond the following:

1. You need to proofread; you make several errors that will be obvious to you on rereading.

2. The fact that you write your ideas down on your iphone is a little banal, so I would not advise mentioning the fact twice, or using it to frame your essay.

3. If you want the essay to really be an essay, then come up with a narrative that explains how your ideas develop and what, if anything, they have in common.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: chrius92

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