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Blueprints Designing Hope - With A Free Essay Review

By far the most traditional response to the question; what are your reasons for selecting social work, is to help people change their lives. I have spent months trying to avoid giving an answer that sounded traditional and expected. I wanted to ensure that I proved I had a genuine purpose that would compel any institution to recruit me into their program. Regardless of how I attempted to transpose my response to this ancient question, my reply remained elementary. I, along with millions of other students, desire to become a social worker in order to change lives!

In fifth grade I had the pleasure of being a hostess for career day. I was extremely honored and excited because only students with outstanding academic performance could have such a privilege. It felt like having VIP back stage passes to the latest concert! I was assigned to work with an attorney. She shared inside details about her career, why she does the work she did, and her daily experiences. As she divulged these succulent details to only my tender hearted ears, I envisioned myself wearing her suit, her shoes, and carrying her briefcase. The most fascinating thing about this legal dominator was that she once lived in my poverty stricken neighborhood. She too was raised an occupant of public housing, exposed to crime, abuse, drugs, and limited academic advantages. I didnít care how she prevailed, I only cared that she did. She presented HOPE that I may not have known if I didnít earn that VIP pass. My family attempted to support my interest in law. Where I was raised, you almost expected to end up in jail, pregnant, and one some form of governmental support. My family wanted me to be the one that saved them. I would be the legal face of the ghetto. I pursued this theory until I was in high school. I found every educational escape I could to change the direction my environment pre-determined for me.

At 16 years old I gave birth to my first child, I was raped on my way home from work at 17, and by the time I reached my sophomore year of high school my grades began to slip and I was no longer in AP courses. These factors, along with obstacles I faced with my health and at home, left me wanting to quit. After the rape I was referred to counseling. I went to receive guidance and support and was met with various prescriptions and stereotypical labels. I started to feel that there was no point in fighting; you are where you come from, right? One afternoon I was heading to a typical day of therapy. I was starting to feel like just another number, a soul with no identity. Nothing seemed different about the people or the center when I entered, but there was something spiritually moving about to happen. On this day I had a new counselor. She revealed to us that she was a social worker that came to complete a few residency hours, but was honored to be with us. After the group session was over, she pulled me aside into a large room. She told me I wasnít like the others, and she wanted to help. She knew my story because she read the chart, but she insisted I tell her myself. For the next hour I cried, crawled, screamed, and I exhaled! She changed my life just by giving me hope. I was determined to defeat any and all feelings that would force me to give-in. I couldnít help but wonder; Why would I be a lawyer who would just bail someone out of jail, understand the very laws people broke to survive, and possible even save criminals from prison, but not change the lives they lived? No, I wanted to save someone the way she saved me. Iíve had social workers in my life since I was born, but never one like her! Her non-judgmental attitude motivates me to be the same, a self-driven vessel standing for a cause, ready to educate and teach while protecting and showering millions with HOPE!

Over the years I have seen a possible 10% of individuals raised in my neighborhood become successful individuals today. In order to get out of the ghetto without the help of the ghetto, you need resources. My sensitivity to the problems of minorities and poor creates an attribute impossible to ignore. The elements of my life are like processes that contribute to the creation of a blueprint. With an education in social work and psychology, I can use my blueprint to understand people and human behavior in their environment. Children born into ghettos, poverty, violence, and crime need an advocate!

This truth has led me to volunteer at the Childrenís Assessment Center (CAC). Each time I go I hear so many confess how they could never be a part of that organization because it would be too hard. I am always told how strong I must be to work with those children. No, I was once in their shoes. I once felt their pain, and I am familiar with the shame and isolation being victimized can cause. I am not stronger than any other human being I am simply possess a blueprint or a plan. I also volunteer at Catholic Charities. Here, as well and the CAC, I am offered amazing training and professional exposure. With the training I have thus far gained, I prepare myself to research remedies for typical outcomes of negative environmental influences.

When I decided to be a lawyer it felt like the world would be my ladder. Family, friends, and teachers showered me with support and encouragement. Not only would I be the legal face of the ghetto, I was also an African American female. Everyone lined up to provide me with a list of things I had to do for them when I made it. The amount of money I would make became more like the amount of money I was planning to give back to my community. Changing my mind to become a social worker has proved to be a road piled with fallen trees. I am astonished at how much I have been discouraged from a profession that could potentially re-shaped the way people live and the future of their children. Social Work is viewed as noble, but un-respected. Deciding what academic choices I would embark on has been challenging due to the lack of support. Aside from the motivation that I gained from the counselor in my past, my spiritual journey is also part of the reason I pursue a career as a humanitarian. Hope is a feeling or belief in events to come, quite similar to faith. My spiritual foundation is the paper my blueprint is created on. I have thought long and hard about what I would build with this blueprint. At the beginning of my academic career I worked while attending school part-time. I still stumbled over fallen trees in my path which has shown in my grades and at times my personal life. On my spiritual journey I fell in love with the most humbling way of life, missionary work. I wanted to tie social work to missionary work and discovered International Social Work. I desire to focus my specialty in children because children are the bearers of HOPE. Healing and changing their lifestyles and environment, in my opinion, will re-develop any nation. Reaching just the children of America wouldnít be enough. I will work in centers like CAC, Child Builders, and educational institutions while preparing for my journey across the world delivering HOPE internationally. To ensure that I had the proper educational tools I desire a bachelor degree in Psychology and well as Social work. I will finish with a Master degree in Social Work and PHD in Psychology. I have chosen this path because social work is truly a branch of psychology. Studying the way people think while gaining the hands on experience to work, and later educating them, is the best formula for completing my long term academic and career goals.

A blueprint is a detailed plan of action. It is created by processes consisting of white lines on a blue background influencing design or practice. Where and how I was born I now see as a plan. The past I carry with me tells a story that could only be viewed as white lines. I know the attributes that I could contribute academically and professionally to social work are rare skills shaped not taught. A blue background captures the white lines of my story adequately since it represents the strength and steadfast spirit necessary in social work which I gained from my spiritual journey. The opportunity to continue my education would ultimately influence the design that completes my course of action. In summary, each experience and element of my life has influenced the design found in my blueprints designing HOPE.



I'm not completely certain of the purpose of the essay, but if it is a personal statement to accompany a college application, it seems rather long to me; presumably the appropriate length will be specified for you, however. Also, if the purpose is to explain why you are pursuing an interest in social work, I think you spend too long talking about the time you met an attorney. You run the risk of making it seem as though you come unduly under the influence of others if the first part of your story is that you met an attorney and so decided to become an attorney, while the second part is that you then met a social worker and so decided to be one of those instead. The details of your story are compelling enough, but you need to make sure that those details are put in the service of communicating a clear point. The point here is ostensibly that you have overcome a major setback, and are now prepared to realize your dream of being a social worker. Focus on those elements of the story that help you communicate that point, and deal very briefly with the contextualizing material (such as the bit about you once wanting to be an attorney).

The transition from the second to the third paragraph is very abrupt; you don't even give your reader a "but" or a "however"! By the way, don't use exclamation marks! I would also not recommend mentioning that you had a child at sixteen in the same sentence as you mention you were raped at 17. The juxtaposition could be wrongly interpreted or could mislead your reader. You don't need to mention that you have had a child at all, in fact; the story of your being raped, however, is important because it explains two things: the fall off in your academic performance, and your ultimate realisation of the importance of social work. Still, you should not feel obliged to share very personal information; if you wish to retain some privacy in that respect, you can make the same point by saying that you were violently attacked. Iím sorry that you have to think about this matter in writing a personal statement for college.

Finally, Iím unsure of the value of the "blueprint" metaphor. If you use that metaphor, you still need to specify the content of the blueprint; and if you specify the content, you obviously don't need the metaphor, which in any case seems to me a bit forced. A blueprint, as you know, is itself a design, rather than something that designs, so the title doesn't really make sense (you could say "a blueprint for hope"; don't capitalize the letters in "hope").

Best, EJ.

P.S. Avoid adjectives for the most part, but if you really want to use adjectives, don't use grotesque ones: details cannot be "succulent," and ears cannot be "tender-hearted."
Submitted by: latarawilson

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