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Children Nowadays Prefer Electronic Games - With A Free Essay Review

Children Nowadays Prefer Electronic Games To Other Games And Toys. Why Is It Happening? Is It A Positive Or A Negative Trend?

That game, if properly selected can play a crucial role in psychological promotion of children. With the advent of technology, e-games have been introduced/injected to the children's game world that usually comes with advantages and disadvantages compared to the conventional games.

A few decades ago, when computer has not been invented yet, the games were mostly in group and children had to find playmates. This was greatly helping to enhance and develop their sociability. Some particular games also could help the children to flourish their talents. For instance, drawing is common entertainment for children, by which psychologists could discover the children's talents or even detect their possible psychological problems. In spite of the advantages of these games, they sometimes necessitate a noticeable space such as a garden or a play ground which might not be offered by some parents.

On the other hand, electronic games are becoming more conventional and widely used by children. These devices are extremely attractive as not only children are absorbed but some parents also, are inclined to use these devices. This is probably because of the interactivity of these games that could play the role of a playmate. A playmate that is ready to play for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These devices do not usually necessitate a large place and also can be changed as easy as changing a CD so they never become boring. However, several drawbacks have been reported by psychologists that warn parents to avoid using the blacklisted computer games as they could negatively affect the children's soul.

Personally, I think children should be allowed to use and enjoy electronic games under their parents' control. However, parents should take care of the sociability of their children and don’t let these computer games to weaken their social skills.


Essay Reivew

If you are asked two specific questions in the prompt, then I think you should make answering those questions the focus of your essay. I don’t think you really do that here. Your first paragraph is vague about the significance of the using of electronic games. It ignores the first question, and says nothing specific about the second. The next paragraph sets us up for your claim about electronic games not requiring space, but I think that is all it really accomplishes, and I’m not sure you need a paragraph to accomplish that (You could just say, in one sentence, that one of the advantages of electronic games is that one doesn’t need a special place to play them). So essentially you devote two sentences, in the middle of the third paragraph to answering the first question: electronic games can play the role of a playmate, and they don’t “necessitate a large place and ... never become boring.” That seems to me a fairly limited engagement with the question. Your discussion of the second question is even more limited in scope; it concerns only “blacklisted” games, which should be avoided for the vague reason that “they could negatively affect the children’s soul” (the latter being an undefined entity that children, to be honest, probably lack).

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: mshahbazi

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