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The Best Way To Teach Is To Praise Positive Actions And Ignore Negative Ones - With A Free Essay Review

The best way to teach is to praise positive actions and ignore negative ones. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.

It is doubtless true that we need to encourage and praise children for their good behaviors. However, it is noticeable that their bad behaviors should not be ignored. As educators, it is their responsibility to enable the children to differentiate good and bad behaviors for their future.

First, a positive signal is very important when the child has taken positive actions. Especially, at their earlier stages, should the children know that their actions would bring praise or positive effects on them, they would have more incentives to take the same actions in the future. For example, when the child shares his or her food with other children, parents or teachers should show their appreciation or give more food to the child as a signal indicating that their actions are good and they are supported to do so. Then, the child would know that she has done the right thing and her parents or teachers liked the behavior. The children will think that if they do it again they will receive praise or bonus from their parents or teachers. Therefore, praise education could encourage children to carry on taking positive actions and build up their good behaviors. Therefore, we need to encourage and praise children for their good behaviors, such that they can carry on doing the right thing as they grow.

Second, Praising the children for their positive actions does not mean that their negative behaviors should be ignored. When children are too young to differentiate good and bad behaviors , it becomes dangerous if educators just ignored negative actions. For example, if a child tried to beat another, and his/her parents, did not say or do anything (30min) to stop the action,.the child would not recognize that beating other people is not a good behavior or feel guilty because the child simply did not know.Moreover, this kind of behavior may happen again and become a frequent behavior as the child grows. Therefore, as educators, they have responsibility to enable the children to differentiate good and bad behaviors, rather than just ignoring the bad ones. In my opinion, the educators should tell the child that he is doing the wrong thing, and if the child did this again, the educators should find other ways to let the child understand why it is wrong to do so and remember not do it again.

In conclusion,on the one hand, educators should praise children for their good behaviors; on the other hand, it is also critical to enable children differentiate good and bad behaviors and make sure that they understand how to avoid the bad ones in the future. Only in that way could the children have the right attitude towards various incentives and develop healthy personality as they grow up.



Your argument in favor of praising positive actions is reasonable, although you could probably articulate it as effectively with fewer words. Your argument against ignoring negative actions is of course reasonable in the case of the example you cite: “if a child tried to beat another.” But that is an extreme example of a negative action and for that reason not a good example of the general case. One of the things that your essay doesn’t do is to consider ways or circumstances in which it might be true that it is pedagogically useful to ignore negative actions. To do that, you might find it helpful to consider the possible negative consequences of criticising the negative actions of a child in an educational setting instead of ignoring those actions. It may be, for instance, that children generally are happier and more eager to learn if they are in an environment in which they can focus on trying to do things that receive praise rather than one in which they are worried about doing things that receive censure.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: hellojune

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