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Should People Know Of The Events Happening Around The World, Even If That Are Unlikely To Influence Daily Life - With A Free Essay Review

Of course people should know what is happening around the world somehow, whether it affects our daily life or not. Having little to do with our daily life is a weak excuse to close one's mind and heart to any suffering that does not touch them personally, or to any cutting edge development that hardly affects their daily life.

The biggest reason is we can not predict what we stumble into by following our curiocity and intuition would not turn out to be priceless. For instance, a new drug targeted at breast cancer is thrilling to the people with cancer, but not to us healthy persons. To the later, it seems to be useless. However, taking a closer look at how the drug exert its effect on cancer will do no harm. Instead, it will enable us to learn more about oncogenesis, as well as the way the drug stops it. And apply the similar principle to our daily life, Like taking more fresh vegetables in order to clear out free radical that hurts the genetic structure. By consciouly keeping us away from cancerogen will certainly benefit us in the long run. We can hardly connect the dots looking forward. Only can we connect the dots looking backward.

Also, even though people in the bottom struggling their lives are far from us, we can still choose to use our limited status and influence to raise our voice on behalf of those who have no voice. To date, millions of children died in the developing countries from the diseases that we had long ago made harmless in our country. For the sake of the belief that every life has equal value, it's hard to accept that someone's life is less worth to save. Improving the worst equaties definitely makes the most of our capability meaningful.

So why not open up wide to embrace the world?



I think your examples have really limited the scope of your engagement with this prompt. Your first example is hypothetical: “a new drug targeted at breast cancer.” We should be interested in the event of such a discovery, you claim, because we could learn more about oncogenesis, learn about the drug that stops it, and then realise that we can apply the principle mechanism used by the drug ourselves by eating vegetables. This is a wonderful but strange example of “events happening around the world.” Aside from the fact that there’s no reason in principle why such an event would happen in a foreign land (so it’s not, one might say, an exemplary case), the principle according to which such an example supports the contention that we should be interested in events happening around the world seems to be that such an event might ultimately have some influence on one’s daily life, including our eating habits (so it’s not really an example that helps you make your argument at all). The second example seems a bit more reasonable as an example but it’s hard to be sure because the point you want to make on its basis is unclear. The last sentence of the paragraph, for instance, doesn’t make sense to me.

Better examples, I think, would probably help you articulate a better argument, or at least be more aware of relevant issues. If we live in China, should we care to know the outcome of elections in Germany, for instance. If we live in the U.S, should we care to know about an emerging war in Africa?

Of course you could also write this essay without any examples. It might be a good exercise to try to do that (even though it might make for an ugly essay) because it would force you to try to articulate the general version of your argument precisely. For example (!), your second argument is, in effect, that we should know what is going on around the world because there may be cause for us to respond to the suffering of others. In other words, we should know what’s going on for ethical reasons: as human beings we have an ethical duty to look out for the welfare of other humans. I can say all that without mentioning children starving in Ethiopia. Of course, you should also mention the starving children (or whatever your example is) but you ought to be able to articulate the abstract or general form of your argument before you get to your example.

Best, EJ.

P.S. Thank you for the comment below. It is appreciated.
Submitted by: astalayista


I'm not so sure this time EJ will see my essay. As I realized that every time after you made a comment on my essay, you may not see my following response to your comment~ So this time I want to say it here before anyone made a comment. Hope you can see it.

As English is my foreign language, it's pretty tough for me to have someone help me with my writing. You know, most teachers in our university are always refusing to take a look on our essays(unless it is assigned by them), not to mention give any comment. So even we are willing to write as much as we can, no response makes us very hard to move forward. I have no idea why nowadays teachers in school are so snobby. However, it's so lucky I googled this fabulous website. And I wanna say sincere thank you to all the person that dedicated to your time and efforts to build up and run this website. It really helps a lot, I mean, to us beginners.

So again, thank you all. And it's my pleasure to recommend it to my friends. Hope you guys happiness.
June,10 2012

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