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The UAE Decision To Sentence Somali Pirates To Life - With A Free Essay Review

Right now the countries in the Middle East are facing a huge problem with piracy. On May 23, 2012 the EAU made a huge decison to imprison pirates after a raiding of an oil ship. This was a big step in the progress of demolishing the issue of piracy. They decided that after their prison term that they would be sent back to their home country of Somali. Piracy has cost shipping indistries and governments $6.9 billon.There is over 750 pirates inprosoned today with 140 of them in Kenya jails. Somali pirates have other countries afraid to take action against the pirates in fear of asylum. After this 30 hour ordeal a clear message has been sent to other countries that EAU is not afraid to take action.

EAU has a lot of dificulties in the area of piracy. The geography has a lot to do with the issue of piracy. This country has is bordered by Gulf of Oman and the Persain Gulf. This means that they have a greater chance of being atacked by pirates than most other countries do. In EAUs constitution it states a law that descriminates agianst piracy; this law states that any act of violance against ships, aircraft, persons, and or property should be imprisoned.They should respect and take action acording to what their constitution states. EAU took a big step in the demolition of piracy today.

Badam, Ramola T. "UAE Decision to Sentence Somali Pirates to Life Praised." The National. The National, 23 May 2012. Web. 23 May 2012. .



In Spanish, EAU is the correct acronym for the United Arab Emirates (Emiratos Árabes Unidos) but in english it names the European Association of Urology, a group with peculiar interests in the problems affecting certain waterways, one could say, but those interests do not extend to piracy in the Arabian Sea. I’m going on about that because I’m afraid I’ve no idea what else to say about your essay, except to say that it is not an essay but a report, which is my way of letting myself off the hook. I suppose I could also say that you should avoid the word “huge” but I’ve no reason to say that beyond the fact that I dislike the word and it does little to specify the nature of the thing it qualifies (“problem” in your first sentence; “decision” in your second). It would be helpful, however, to explain why the UAE’s decision to imprison pirates was a “huge decision” and not the kind of decision the judicial branch of a state would take as a matter of routine. You conclude your first paragraph with a hackneyed claim about a clear message having been sent that the UAE “is not afraid to take action.” That seems like a terribly cumbersome way to send a message, but the important issue here, if there is one, is why the UAE felt the need to send this message. What you need to do, in other words, is explain what exactly has changed as a result of the action. And to do that, of course, you need to explain what the situation was before the action: Did other countries think the UAE was dragging its feet? Did pirates operate with impunity in UAE territorial waters? Is this the first time UAE has imprisoned pirates?

I don’t understand why you tell your reader in your second paragraph that UAE has a law against acts of piracy (if there were a law legalizing piracy, well that would be interesting!). You seem to be suggesting that the law has not been executed with sufficient alacrity in the past but that now something has changed. But I’m just guessing about that. It’s probably not a good idea to rely on your reader’s ability to guess what your point is.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: turlelove1440

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