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The Increasingly Rapid Pace Of Life Today Causes More Problems Than It Solves - With A Free Essay Review

Prompt “The increasingly rapid pace of life today causes more problems than it solves.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.”

On uttering the words, "Rapid pace of life", immediately brings into our mind an image of the fleeing vehicles impatient to wait at signals, all fast food corners flooded with people engaged in their laptops, i-pods, i-phones, androids doing multitasking not only at their workplaces but also at every common place. Where is this fast paced life leading to? We are able to connect to any person at any corner of the world. We can cook food in minutes. We can even find medicines for ailments at the desktop! Are these solving our problems? Of-course it does solve one problem but brings in many others!

Lets consider the telecommunication devices which are at the peak of development today. All the devices have solved the problem of communication which was earlier a very big task. We can only make trunk calls a few decades before, letters where the main mode of communication. So it was difficult for people to communicate so often but now cell phone technology and the cheap rates lure many people to it. Now we can hardly find people without cell phones. So it has solved the problem of communication. But it has given rise to many others like doctors are researching what are the negative effects of the radiation in the cell phones, they are suggesting people not keep phone nearby while sleeping it might affect brain, heart and so on.

Another big problem is people are more encroached in these high technology devices and they like to spend more time with the electronic gadgets. Even small children these days want to play with Play Stations and X-boxes rather than with their friends outdoor. They lack exercises. Obesity problem has increased a lot these days. Furthermore, when people want to watch TV and play games they don't even communicate with anyone. This affects them mentally also. There are people queuing at the psychiatrist these days. Many problems are caused by stress.

Today everyone wants to finish off every task soon and go to next. They want to cook soon, eat soon, work soon, travel soon. This list goes on. Instant food items, the high speed Internets, toll roads to cross traffic, all are available on a extra few rupees. So people have lost patience also. Even when provided with all facilities, even when they are able to do all work soon but still they don't find time to relax. They still want another twenty four hours. So the world is running like this. Few people have now started to wake up against the side-effects of these electronic gadgets and fast food items. But many are still unaware that they are driving themselves into the pitfalls.

So I would like to conclude that this fast paced world solves major conspicuous problems but starts bringing in many other problems silently like the phones bring in health problems. Then we run to find cell phones which are safety. So "solving one problem" it opens gate to many others!



Your first argument is not about the rapid pace of life but cell phones. That may seem like an odd comment, since the “rapid pace of life,” however vague that phrase may be, sounds like something that cell phones have enabled. But even if cell phones can cause health problems, that’s not quite the same as saying the pace of life causes health problems. Your argument should instead look like this: “The rapid pace of life requires us to be instantly available and so to use devices, such as cell phones, that may be harmful to our health.” That is obviously an argument about the rapid pace of life and not about cell phones, even though it still uses cell phones as an example.

Your essay’s next paragraph has the same kind of problem. You see obesity as a consequence of playing video games, but it’s not clear what playing video games has to do with the pace of life.

So it is not until you get to the fourth paragraph that you really start talking about the pace of life, but the point of that paragraph is not very clear. When you say “they still want another twenty four hours,” for instance, I do not have a good idea of what you mean. And the expression “driving themselves into the pitfalls” is also imprecise.

I suspect that part of your problem with the essay is that you, like me, don’t really know what “pace of life” is supposed to mean exactly. Fortunately, you don’t need to know exactly what it means; you are free to define it in your introduction. A good way to go about doing that might be to think about how you would measure the pace of life. For example, you might want to measure the pace of life in part by looking at how long people spend eating their lunch. You might claim that as the pace of life increases, people spend less time on lunch. Then you might claim that in order to get through lunch more quickly, they go to fast-food restaurants. And so on, until you’ve clearly linked the pace of life to the fact that people are dropping dead in the streets from clogged arteries.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: LakshmiRam

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