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The Ability To Adapt To A New Environment Is More Important Than Excellent Knowledge For A Job - With A Free Essay Review

From my point of view, for a job that requires great capability to adjust to an unsteady and caprious environment, flexibility absolutely outweighs excellent knowledge.

Undoubtedly, creative and challenging jobs ask people to face unexpected circumstance every bit of moment. It's uneasy to predict what would happen next minute. Therefore, what to do next can't be planned before. In this case, decisively identifying the situation, considering all the elements involved, and making quick and proper decisions are all demanded.

However, it doesn't mean that professional knowledge is nothing. One could hardly handle every sudden situation without basic knowledge. Excellent grasp of knowledge is essential while knowing how to make good use of such knowledge counts more. That's why flexibility works better: organically applying professional knowledge to several circumstances in order to make the best of them.

It's true that not every job demands for ability to deal with sudden occurrences. In that case, flexibility makes less sense than professional knowledge. For instance, novel writers or archaeologists whose working subject is the things under control. Designing how the story goes on, or identifying when was the pyramid built has little to do with flexibility.



Ye gods, that is such a banal question that I have no idea how you worked up the motivation to try to answer it. But answer it you do, and you give it a good shot.

Your ultimate argument seems to be that the answer depends very much on the specific job, which in itself is reasonable, but in imagining jobs where the ability to adapt is more important than knowledge, you lose track of the original claim; that is to say, you treat “the ability to adapt to a new environment” to mean “the ability to adapt to quickly changing circumstances.” Those are not the same things at all, however, even if the abilities are possibly related. (Every new job will present a new environment for a new employee. One might have to deal with a new physical space, a different group of people, a different pace of work, and so on.)

In your penultimate paragraph you argue that an “excellent grasp of knowledge is essential while knowing how to make good use of such knowledge counts more.” That again seems like a reasonable claim but the distinction you are making here is different from the distinction made in the claim that you are evaluating, unless you want to claim (and if you do, you should do so specifically) that the ability to adapt to new environments depends on the ability to make good use of knowledge. The final sentence of the paragraph adds a little to the confusion. What follows the full colon there seems to be something like your definition of flexibility. The definition is all right, but it seems to imply that there is no such thing as adaptability (or flexibility) without expert knowledge, which would seem to make expert knowledge equally important. Perhaps I have misunderstood you.

Best, EJ
Submitted by: astalayista


Dear EJ, I'm so grateful that you made a detailed comment. You know, as English is my second language it's tough for me to try on enhancing my writing skill. Unfortunately, my first two articles submitted before had been flagged because of my grammar errors.

So I'm so glad that seeing you make comment on my work. Tremendous thanks for your attention and time. And I learn a lot. I will make a more concrete connection between the claim I evaluate and the
reason I give to support my stand.

However, the sentence after the full colon that I wanna emphasize is organically apply rather than professional knowledge. Maybe I didn't make myself clear so it confused you. Anyway, thanks for your time!
Best regards!
Crystal T:)
June,06 2012


The topic is Adapt To A New Environment, but in your essay you changed it to unexpected circumstance, so i think that you in order to close the topic place a substitute by subterfuge.
The Highlight in your essay is that you use two different sides gave us the reasons which one is important in specific situation.
In a word, It is a good job, I must learn from you!
June,06 2012

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