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Recommendation Letter - With A Free Essay Review

I am writing this recommendation to express my support for Mr. Edgar Cornelio in his application for the scholarship opportunity and to discuss his current decision in pursuing graduate studies with De La Salle University-Manila.

At FactSet Philippines, Inc., we continually recognize employees who seek more than a career. They are looking to make their mark in the financial service industry. They come with dreams of high success and are willing to work hard.

However, the financial service industry is quite competitive and often tough to break into. Many with high hopes don’t survive the pressure. Others seem to handle pressure well, but lack creativity, guts or discipline. There is also a great need for these individuals to remain focused on the “big picture” and lead the company toward its goals. Lastly, one must continue to grow and improve personally and professionally to reach the top.

Luckily for FactSet, we recognize that Edgar possesses many of the necessary qualities to succeed in this tough business. We have closely watched him develop into a fine individual and currently manage the circumstances he had encountered. Additionally, Edgar’s desire to stay at the top of his game is clear as he consistently offers a fresh perspective and creative approach to projects. He also approaches his projects by calculating risks and making solid determinations.

I have worked with Edgar for 18 months. The thing that impresses me the most about him is having great research skills. He has been very good in doing secondary research and in handling difficult markets. He is very dependable ever since he has been under my supervision. Indeed, Edgar is one of the most talented Research Analysts in Document Acquisition (DAQ). He has always exceeded expectations and very consistent in terms of productivity and quality where as he always gets the highest rating not only in our team but in the whole DAQ as well. He is also constantly looking for new challenges, skill building and developing a resourceful network of colleagues that respect and admire him.

Edgar is still young to the industry and can have difficulties at times. However, he somehow manages to turn negative events into positive learning experiences and never makes the same mistake twice. He also never gives up and appreciates positive criticism that can only make him grow in the long run. Edgar does have a few shortcomings - that he is aware of and tries to work on - which I think your graduate program will help him to overcome.

In addition to having firsthand knowledge of Edgar’s work ethics and abilities, I am also familiar with his education and career goals, and know just how much receiving this scholarship means to him. Receiving this scholarship will provide important financial support that will allow him to obtain the additional education necessary to earn his degree. I cannot think of anyone more deserving and I wholeheartedly support his application.

It is my belief that a stronger education will help Edgar to truly succeed in the financial industry by diminishing his shortcomings and improving his talents. I am confident that you will be just as impressed with Edgar as I am, and I urge you to consider him for this financial assistance.



The only problem with this recommendation is that it is a bit vague on the nature of “Edgar’s” work, responsibilities, and “shortcomings.” A letter of recommendation typically begins by specifying what position the person being recommended has occupied (you wait until about halfway through before mentioning the position) and what duties he has performed (about which the letter is unclear, beyond mentioning “research”).

Of course if the whole thing is an artificial exercise required by an application process (why would they do this to you?), then perhaps it is difficult to be specific. But if you cannot be specific about shortcomings, why mention them at all, unless that too is required? Presumably, however, one could define one’s shortcomings (especially if you are required to mention them) as the very qualities you can reasonably hope to acquire by completing a graduate degree. Doing that would give you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of exactly what you do expect to get out of the graduate program.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: ecornelio

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