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Modern Technology - With A Free Essay Review

Modern technology helps me cut corners every day. There are many things in my life that can potentially make my life easier, but generally adds up to laziness. Phones, cars, and televisions usually help my laziness every day. Technology makes me lazy.

As we all know smart phones such as iphones have thousand of applications available for download. Personally being an owner of an iphone, I take full advantage of those thousands of applications. The calculator means I do not have to use my brain to add, the calendar allows me to set birthday reminders, the phone itself allows me to text people wish happy holidays and birthdays eliminating my need to spend time sending cards. The most used application is my phone’s facebook application. It gives me facebook at my fingertips, and the chance to keep up with my news feed instead of needing to actually see my friends. I can now just send them a message instead of actually being social and dealing with them. When I do actually have to go somewhere and do something that my phone can't do, I take my car.

My car, like many others, has a lot of options available to me to aide in the comfort in owning & driving a vehicle. I no longer have to remember how to get places thanks to GPS. I do have safety features also like hands free for incoming phone calls. I just hit a button and start talking from the steering wheel. It encourages me to drive instead of walk places. I have been known to drive one block to the corner to the Marathon station, instead of walking to get my daily NOS energy drink, which I tend to enjoy while watching TV.

My favorite television shows are the best excuse to get out of housework, homework, and even diaper changes. It gives me a chance to tell my husband, “just a minute I'm watching that”, or even “Can it wait till this is over?” Watching other people's lives gives me a break from my own life. I usually watch so-called reality shows, but it is possible to learn things from certain types of TV shows. This is another great thing about television, I no longer need to use my brains to read books anymore. If I am patient enough I can see it on television and even learn all the information needed that way. I can also avoid going to spend money going out to places like the movies. I can just wait a few months and it will show up either on demand, on pay per view, or simply just on movie channels themselves.

Modern technology aids in my life every day. It makes my life more relaxed and comfortable. Where how much we utilize these great modern tools in our life is a personal decision for all of us, I choose to take the easy route and enjoy!



This is not really an essay about modern technology, but rather an essay about you (or about the narrator of this essay). There’s not much that can be said about that topic (who am I to critique what you have to say about your own experiences?) beyond the fact that it is not clear why it should be of interest to anyone else. That is to say, you don’t make the topic (you) interesting enough to other people because your experience of technology (mobile applications, cars, and telephones) does not seem aimed at revealing anything essential about technology itself. It doesn’t really answer any questions beyond the question of what it does to you (it makes you lazy). It would possibly be better, or more appealing to a general reader, if you were to argue that technology typically makes “us” lazy, or antisocial, or dependent or something, and then perhaps you could use yourself as an example of the phenomenon whose existence you want to demonstrate.

I didn’t quite follow the point you want to make about television. I understand that one can use television as an excuse to avoid doing other things in general, but I don’t quite get the need for, or purpose of, the justification of ignoring books. You are trying to prove, after all, that technology makes you lazy, and not that it offers, with television, an alternative medium to print through which one can access “all the information.” In any case, that is obviously untrue. Television to date has only presented a small fraction of the information contained in books (the web of course contains makes much more information available). To be sure, it can contribute to one’s laziness with respect to one’s own education, which I thought was the point you would have wanted to stress here in any case.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: rachaelgagne

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