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Lord Of The Flies: Letter To Jack From Piggy - With A Response

Lord Of The Flies: Letter To Jack From Piggy

Hey Jack,

I’m writing you this letter because I feel I have been treated unfairly. You always make use of every occasion to mock me, humiliate me and ridicule me. Can’t you see I am doing everything for the good of everyone? I feel so helpless when you interrupt my carefully thought out speeches telling the boys how we can be rescued!

I already sensed you were the violent and aggressive kind of person when I first saw you. How could you be so cruel and force your choirboys to march under this hot weather? My auntie told me people who got their own way by intimidation were always up to no good! You even told me to shut up when I was busy remembering all out names! In front of all the boys! You even made me the subject of ridicule when you called me Fatty! Don’t you know how bad it feels when someone bullies you? I felt helpless, sad and angry at you. I even wanted to punch you! I have never felt so angry towards someone. You were like some bully from my school, who made everyone’s life miserable. In the end he was kicked out of school after grown ups reported him. You see? Adults don’t do this. They know how to set things right. They wouldn’t bully each other for fun. You are acting just like a baby! Please act more sensible! Can’t you see we will be left on this island forever if you don’t stop! Please let me tell the boys what we should do to save ourselves, and that will save you too! We can’t live on this island forever, you know!

At first I forgave you because that’s how grown ups do things. I shouldn’t hate you because I know that sometimes it’s annoying to listen to a boy with glasses looking like a nerd, a know-it-all trying to tell you to do this and do that. Sometimes I even hate myself for saying things out loud without thinking how rude it is. Actually I admire you too, Jack. I won’t admit it if you ask me again, but I like your confidence and charisma. You are a natural leader, you know how to persuade people, you know how to make them like you, you are all the things I can never be.

But how could you? How could you punch me and smack me in front of everyone when I did nothing wrong? I was just pointing out the seriousness of our situation, but you just had to beat me up in public? You not only hurt me physically, but emotionally! You damaged my self-esteem, my pride, my place among the group!

Yes, I know everyone doesn’t like me, they never listen to me, but it’s for the good of everyone! So, Jack, how about this, let’s strike a deal with each other. If you promise to stop bullying me and let me speak, or maybe even better, you tell the boys what I think will get us rescued, then I will not say a thing to the adults on how you bullied me. It’s fair enough. That way, you won’t get kicked out or punished by the grown ups! I hope we can be friends and work together with Ralph to survive on this island and be rescued by Ralph’s daddy as fast as possible!

P.S. Please call me Nicholas!





On this site we review essays that are critical or interpretive or argumentative; we cannot review essays that are essentially works of creative writing. Your essay could be viewed as a work of interpretation but it doesn’t so much interpret Jack (or Piggy’s view of Jack) as present a few facts and ask a number of questions, some of which are more or less pointless; e.g, “How could you do X?. Such questions are pointless, of course, only with respect to the purpose of writing an essay that attempts to probe Jack’s character, and it’s not clear that that really is your purpose. But if that is not the purpose, it is difficult to understand the value of the essay. In any case, cut down on the number of exclamation marks. A good rule of thumb for a writer, even when he’s imitating exclamatory characters, is to limit oneself to one or two exclamation marks per year. Preferably one!!

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: elle34383

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