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GRE Issue Essay: Leaders Should Step Down After Five Years - With A Free Essay Review

“Claim: In any field—business, politics, education, government—those in power should step down after five years. Reason: The surest path to success for any enterprise is revitalization through new leadership. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim and the reason on which that claim is based.”

The opinion that the change of leadership after a period of time would be a better path to success of any enterprise is a controversial one. This issue is increasingly salient when nowadays the achievement of business is the result of a good leader’s management. Many people believe that the surest path to success in various fields is revitalization through new leadership in term, but perhaps these people overlook that the achievement depends on the fruits of various factors such as time, the current scenario, stability of the enterprise etc. In fact, leader is only a part of those aspects. In this essay, I will argue that the problems related to a leader’s influence to an organization’s success.

Admittedly, a new chief executive with full of energy could bring new visions, innovation and other resources to his organization. He could manage things from a different cutting edge, and make renovations in order to preside over a government or a company into a new stage of development. A classical example of this is Barack Obama who won US presidential election by promising a change to his country and the world. In fact, he supported the same-sex marriage that is opposite with normal rules in society.

However, it could not be ignored that the contemporary leader is more experienced about his organization than a young person. Therefore, if the current person is guiding his institution to make significant progress, he should be re-elected and maintain that position. Think about the Microsoft, a famous successful enterprise established by Bill Gates. He has taken the CEO position for more than 20 years. Because of full of understanding about actual status of company, Bill Gates proposed new views to make a technological revolution. That is reason why Microsoft is always the top of the most development companies over the world. I strongly believe that the opposite is true because the valuable experience makes a good leader lead the enterprise in a proper way to attain the goal.

Furthermore, I do think when a person is appointed as leader of an organization, it will take a lot of time for him to realize his responsibilities, and then start contributing to the development of enterprise. Besides, a strategy which is proposed must need more and more time to claim whether it is effective or not. Therefore, if he is replaced in term, it is quit hard to prove his ability. To illustrate, Michael Eisner, the former CEO of Walt Disney, had a great contribution to take Walt Disney to get over the crisis after Walt Disney’s death. It took about 20 years in order that Walt Disney becomes one of famous channels for children and teenager in the present.

A leader should be replaced if it’s necessary. The success of an enterprise in any field is composed of many various factors in which a good leader is one of them.



I think it is a good idea for this type of essay to conclude your first paragraph, which can be shorter than yours is, with a direct statement of your position: “I will argue etc.” When you do that, of course, you are inviting your reader to understand that that sentence is your thesis statement, and so encapsulates your argument. That’s helpful to a reader wanting to quickly understand where your essay is going, but it’s only helpful if the thesis statement is completely clear; it is the one sentence in which you cannot afford to make any mistakes. Yours, however, is not clearly intelligible. Presumably you just left out a word or two, which it is easy to do; so, again, you will need to be particularly careful with the thesis statement.

Your first argument is that a new leader can bring “new visions, innovation, and other resources.” That’s reasonable but not very compelling because you are vague about how it relates to the thing you are trying to decide; i.e., “the surest path to success.” The example is also a poor one in this respect. What Obama promised tells us nothing about the advantages of changing leadership. If you want to argue that changing leaders in 2008 was a good idea for the U.S., you would need to claim and demonstrate that Obama did “revitalize” the country in some way. (Obama also did not support same-sex marriage, although he does now support it.)

Your second argument is that the current leader is “more experienced.” You assert that an experienced leader who is currently successful “should ... maintain that position” but you don’t explain what the value of experience is and why, in your view, it is more important than the value of “revitalization through new leadership.” Again, the example is not very helpful. A company deciding whether it ought to change leadership every five years would only be swayed by the success of Bill Gates if it thought Gates’s success could be repeated by other leaders. Why would it not think that Gates, as the leader of an exceptional company, is himself exceptional.

I think generally, for a prompt like this, where you are not required to come up with examples, but are required to assess a claim and the reason on which it is based, you ought to spend more time developing your specific reasons for the position you take on the claim, and less time in developing illustrative examples; but if you do want to introduce examples, make sure they illustrate the point that you want to make (and make sure that that point is relevant to the prompt).

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: lulalum

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