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Lord Of The Flies Imaginative Essay: Piggy's Letter To Jack - With A Free Essay Review


I am sitting here near the platform and I'm lost without my glasses. I can't even read very clearly what I am writing. This difficulty reminds me of you and your behavior that I find inexcusable and wrong. I am deeply hurt and angry about your bullying.

When I was at school, there was a boy called Ben. He kept stealing my asthma inhaler which nearly made me unconscious after one asthma attack. Jack, you are like Ben. Stealing is wrong, my auntie said and teachers taught that at school too. You're pick on me because I have physical inability. You don't have any morals, Jack, and you said you were Head boy, who enforces rules!

Speaking of Head Boy, you must have carried out beatings for the Headmaster to kids that offended him, right? You gain power over others and abuse the authority others gave you like a bad Head Boy, who beat people up more than they should be. You, creeping up like that, targeting my glasses in the dark.

You don't only abuse power by doing bad things that prevents us from being rescued, you invent power to bully me. You call yourself a hunter and suddenly you have the power to withhold meat from me and only me, not to others. I was starving. My stomach was hurting all night.

The effects of bullying is so long-lasting that you can't imagine them. I have nightmares now of you and Ben poking my eyes and making me go blind and your knife dripping with my blood. I live with the fear that you are going to run after me with your spear, chasing me. I tried making a stone wall outside my shelter to shield me from you after your attack.Can't you see what you're putting me through?

I'm staying close to the conch now, don't you come near me. Don't you dare hurt me again. You are an immature, crazy kid and will you please leave me alone? We can do without you.


PS Give me my glasses back!



We do not review creative writing, and this is essentially an example of creative writing, but given the topic, it could be more. Often when we write literary essays we are interested in analysing character development. It would be an interesting exercise to attempt that kind of analysis from the point of view of a particular character in the novel. What you would aim for, of course, would to be true to the character of the person writing, in this case Piggy, but you would also want to be true to Piggy’s perception of Jack. I’m not sure you are completely true to the character Piggy. Your Piggy complains enough, but his language is very much the language of today. His insights into the nature of Jack are, I think, just a little banal, with the exception, for me, of the claim that Jack “invent[s] power to bully” Piggy - but while that is not banal, it is difficult to know exactly what you mean by “invent[s] power,” so clarification and development of that point would be helpful. Generally, your Piggy sees Jack as a fairly flat, one-dimensional character; one who simply has “no morals.” I think Jack is a little more complex than that. Doubtless there is something in Jack at the beginning of the novel that allows him to become a savage and cruel leader, but the fact is that that is what he becomes, not just what he always already was. If I were Piggy, the question I would be asking is, How has Jack become the person he has become?

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: dreamyclouds

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