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Educational Institutions Have A Responsibility To Dissuade Students From Pursuing Fields Of Study In Which They Are Unlikely To Succeed - With A Free Essay Review

Education provides the base to one's career. If the study is done in an area in which the student has the interest and in which he or she is capable, then the chances of a successful career increases. The educational institutions can have a main role in determining the studentís interests and strengths. However, the responsibility does not rest on them only. Parents and students themselves are also responsible.

It is often seen that parents push their children towards fields of their choice. They seldom consider their wardís capabilities and interests. But they should understand that forcing them into a field which their child is not capable of will not have good interests. This sometimes can lead to unimaginable situations like tension, frustration and even suicide among children.

Students mainly have to choose between the different fields when they have passed their tenth class. At that time, they are mature enough to know the areas of their interest and subjects in which their performance is higher. However, the selection can be made easier and appropriate with the efforts of the educational institutions. There are many tests available to determine the interests, aptitudes, and intelligent quotient of the students. The teachers have the knowledge of the various fields, they know their students capabilities and they also know the industry trends in their country. For example after few years will the demand be more for computer engineers or civil engineers and who will enjoy more status and salary.

Sometimes students might be attracted towards lucrative fields like making a career as an actor or a model. Such fields attract many, but few become successful. The educational institution should teach the differences between fantasies and realities.

The selection of the area of study is a vital decision. This decision making should be assisted by educational institutions. The parents and students themselves also have a responsibility to choose a proper field.



Unlike many essays that Iíve seen in response to this prompt, which argue that educational institutions donít have the ability to determine when a student is unlikely to succeed in a particular discipline, your essay interprets the prompt correctly, which is a good start.

So your argument is about who is responsible for the studentís choice, and you say the parents and students themselves are also responsible, although you later concede that institutions should also assist in helping a student choose an area of study. That seems like a reasonable argument.

The problem with the essay, then, is neither the interpretation of the prompt nor the position that you adopt; the problem instead is with your defence of that position, which for the most part is incomplete. If, for instance, you think parents should be responsible, you need to explain why, which you donít. You note that parents sometimes influence children to pursue areas of study in which they are unlikely to succeed, and obviously, as you claim, they should not do that. But thatís a negative argument. You need to explain what parents should do instead, and why.

You say that students choose their field after tenth class, and claim they are ďmature enough to knowĒ what subjects they are interested in and might do well in. But you donít come to any explicit conclusions on that basis. I suppose that implicitly you are arguing that if students are mature enough to choose, then it is their responsibility to choose well. If thatís your argument, you need to make it explicit. Always do this; always complete your argument.

You then explain what an educational institution can do to help the student choose wisely and what it should do, but you donít support your assertions with reasons. Beyond showing that an institution can help, and asserting that it should help, you need also to explain why you think it ought to help.

One of the things you do in the essay that would allow you to make a strong argument is to consider the consequences of a student enrolling in a course in which she or he is unlikely to succeed. If one of the possible consequences is depression or suicide, then you have good grounds for arguing that the student and parents ought to act responsibly in choosing fields of study. There are other consequences (think of the various investments of time and money necessary to educate a college student) that could be considered and might help you think of reasons to support your contention that the educational institutions too have some responsibility.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: harleen58

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