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Importance Of Questions - With A Free Essay Review

What is the one way you could know or analyze any person or any issue in a short period of time? What is that one thing that you could use to improve your knowledge on anything? Well guess what it is, you use it in class when you don’t understand what the teacher is saying, you see a lot of it in the exams. What is it? I know you would have guessed it by now , yes that’s correct it’s a QUESTION ?????. This topic more than any other has never ceased to amaze me, I personally think that the power of a question is limited only to the imagination of the one asking. There are many questions in this world and many remain unanswered, there are many more facts we can learn and still more we can ponder about. It helps you know yourself when you’re confused it helps others guide you when you are lost. That is a Question.

“Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear.”-Thomas Jefferson (President of the United States)

A little about me: I do vaguely remember when I was a little boy my father was handcuffed for ill-treating my mother, this happened just before they divorced, I had no idea what was going on but I took up the courage and asked my mother what was happening though my mother did not give me a proper answer that was my start in my quest for understanding.

In the place I was residing and being educated I was teased for this frequent habit despite being dyslexic due to which I went into serious depressions I tried in my heart to see asking question to understand a fact, rather than blindly accepting a stated fact and memorizing it, as a boon. Many not only viewed but also openly called me a half-crack, a crazy person a black sheep and sought to oppress me in their effort to quite me down. I found asking a question useful in this time as well. I asked myself “what is that I can or should do to stop this teasing?” well I pretty much answered that easily to myself ”I must change” was that quick reply at once I asked my friends (the few I have) what my problem was and gathered all my answers and made a plan to change. When I enforced it I found no change I asked myself again “why is the problem still unsolved?” After several hours of thinking a new thought struck me, a one that I never realized before, it goes somewhat like this “well maybe you just can’t rectify what is imprinted in a person’s mind “ it may sound rudimentary to anyone who is reading but to me that felt the same way how Benjamin felt when he discovered electricity. To me, especially a dyslexic, it felt so great to understand psychology of people. So that’s how I got the first experience of learning human psychology



This essay is a bit disjointed. It has three parts. The first part is a eulogy to the question and to questioning. The second part is a quotation. The third part is a personal narrative. These three parts are distinct, whereas it would be better, I think, to integrate them into a coherent whole.

You can integrate the quotation by making it relevant to what you want the essay as a whole to communicate. If you want the essay as a whole to communicate the value of questions, then introduce the quotation and explain how it demonstrates the value of questions.

Assuming again that the purpose of the essay as a whole is to communicate the value of questions, then you can integrate your personal narrative into the essay as a whole by concluding it with one or two general remarks about what you learned from your life experience about the value of questions instead of concluding it with remarks about your interest in psychology.

You can also help to integrate your personal narrative by making the transition to that section of your essay less abrupt. You reader has no reason to suspect, after reading the Jefferson quotation, that you will suddenly start talking about yourself. A transition is a statement that creates a sense, for the reader, of logical progression from one paragraph, or section, to another.

Finally, your essay has a number of language errors, principle among them being a failure to punctuate sentences properly. You need to revise your understanding of punctuation, and of the structure of English sentences. A good place to start that revision is Purdue University’s guide beginning on the following page:

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: christopher

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