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Pvamu Scholarship Essay - With A Free Essay Review

Pvamu Scholarship Essay You Must Submit A 250 Word Essay As To Why You Have Chosen Prairie View A&M University For Your Academic Endeavors.

Sarah Iwuchukwu PVAMU Scholarship Essay

Prairie View A&M University is known in and around the medical center as a school that Produces excellent Nurses on various professional degree levels. Nurses that are very skilled intelligent. This public image made me very interested in the program, which is why I applied to the college of nursing as soon as I was eligible. During My months of research on different nursing schools, I was impressed by how the College of Nursing has produced many distinguished graduates who have received recognition for their accomplishments as professional nurses. Some graduates have served as directors of school health and city health departments, created ground breaking innovations and hold high positions in healthcare.

I am also impressed by the wide range of of support services to help students do better. I feel the more help a student receives, the chances of retention and academic achievement are higher The College of Nursing Support Service assists in the areas of laptops, distance learning, web development, smart classrooms, graphic design, testing and human patient simulation services and handles all technological related issues which would enable me to focus on what really matters, My education. As well as the Prairie View Student Nursing Association as well as other student associations , Which promotes professionalism and leadership for PVAMU college of nursing students. The record of established excellence by Prairie View A&M University in the field of nursing education, is the reason I have chosen Prairie View A&M University

Thank you



This is a good response because it identifies specific details of the program that are of interest to you. You do need to clear up a few grammatical and stylistic problems. You refer in the first sentence to some medical center, which is odd. Perhaps you meant to refer to the medical community. I recommend changing “the chances of retention and academic achievement” to something a bit more ambitious (e.g., “the chances of stellar academic achievement.”). I also recommend ending the sentence in which you say that with a period, and then proofreading the rest of the essay. Change from uppercase to lowercase the initials of words that don’t start sentences or are not part of titles (e.g., “my,” “produces,” “nurse,” “which.”). The long third sentence of the second paragraph should be broken up into two or three sentences. The penultimate sentence is not a sentence.
Submitted by: saraiish

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