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I Am Frenitaspamexamerican And You? - With A Free Essay Review

The United States is a country rich in different cultures. You can find here African, Asian, Russian, European, and also you can find other American continent country’s cultures how Argentinean, Colombian, Mexican, and these can be countless. Most people try to classify other human ethnic identities depending for where the people are from. My ethnic identity was shaped by the culture of two countries, even though I have some influence from French, Italy and Spain, but those that have more influence on me are Mexican culture and American culture.

First of all I am going to start talking about the influence of Mexican culture on me. I grew up in the city of Hermosillo state of Sonora Mexico. My mom always said that she is Mexican, but in Mexico she was called “la gringa” (the American), because she is white, hazel eye, and when she was young and she were living in Mexicali the people there knew that she is from here. She did not like to be called like that. She would always say that she was Mexican. In my father’s case I do not remember such a thing. He never talked about his ethnicity, race, or any other similar things. The only thing that I always knew was that his father was from Italy and his mother was from Spain, so how my mom’s dad was from France and her mom was from Spain and both of my parents are Americans and I grew up part of my life in Mexico, however from there is where the word Frenitaspamexamerican came from. I grew up with a close family; what I mean is that most of the time we were supporting each other at all times. If we had a problem, we shared some advice to whoever in the family was in trouble.

One of my favorite Mexican traditions is “El dia de muertos” or in English “The Holy Souls day” on this day the people build “Altar de Muertos” or a “Shrine” in English. This is a space in your home where you display pictures of the people that you love and the things that these persons liked when they were alive. We would write some “Calaveras”, because these are poems where people make lighthearted fun of the dead and they usually written in riddles and in rhyme. We also eat “Pan de muertos”. This kind of sweet bread has a round shaped and on the top it has figurines that simulate little bones and taste very good.

Altar de muerto Pan de muerto

Secondly I want to talk about my American culture influence. Even though I feel I am from Denver, Colorado I was only living there for five years. I grew up here in San Diego in the first five or six years of my life. At the age of 25 I moved permanently to Tucson, Arizona, and I am said permanently because I have been traveling back and forth between different cities in Mexico and the U.S, but mainly living most of my time in the U.S. Two years later I got married and move to Denver, Colorado. I lived in there for around 6 years. One of the biggest cultural factors that American culture had influence on me was to be a person that did not pay so much attention to what people said about other people. I learned to respect the individuality of each person. One of the biggest cultural differences I became immediately aware of, in this American culture the people are very reserved. It is not that common here that people will start a conversation with a stranger when you are riding the bus or it is not common that one of your neighbors goes and knocks on your door to ask you for a cup of sugar.

The American tradition that I like most is Thanksgiving, because it is a day when family is together, and gives thanks for all the blessings received.

In conclusion I think that it does not matter where you come from or if you have a mixed ethnic identity or not. The only thing that matters is what you can contribute to society, and how you resolve the troubles you encounter in your life. How would I define my ethnic identity, I think that I am Frenitaspamexamerican person or more known as a multi cultural person. So if in the future somebody asks me, what is my ethnic identity? Maybe I am going to let them think that I am Latin.



The biggest problem with the essay is the number of language errors (grammar, syntax, mechanics). We cannot address those problems here, but if you want to undertake a serious revision of grammar, Purdue University's Online Writing Lab would be a good place to start. You can cut and paste the following url into your browser address bar:

You also need to work on the organization of your essay. In particular you need to ensure that each paragraph is devoted to elucidating a single topic. For example, your second paragraph begins by announcing the following topic: "the influence of Mexican culture on me." The same paragraph concludes with a different topic: "I grew up with a close family."

Note also that in this paragraph, and in the paragraph in which you claim to "want to talk about [your] American culture influence" (i.e., the influence of American culture on you), you don't really talk much about actual influence. The one exception is where you specify that you "learned to respect the individuality of each person." I think that elaborating on what you have learned would give your reader a stronger sense of the purpose of the essay.

Best, EJ.

P.S. I love the title.
Submitted by: Kopmc

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