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Do Advertisements Play A Positive Or Negative Role In Our Society? - With A Free Essay Review

Advertisement and the role it plays have not only brought business sale tactics the state of art but also changed our society. Some people believe that advertising plays a positive part in our life while others say it also produces negative influences in our community. However, in the sense that everything comes with two sides, not just a black and white thinking, therefore advertising is not an exception.

In commerce, we know, advertising is one of several core activities that raise the business profit. As you may know or not know, a successful advertisement also benefits the society. I rise in support of the positivity of ads. Firstly, the advertising comprehends the knowledge of psychology, economy, and business, that being said it encourages people to grasp knowledge to produce a bright idea. Secondly, a good advertisement can enlighten people and also even be humorous. By contrast, a tedious, untalented, distasteful advertisement can be a disturbance. Thirdly, there are also some non-commercial advertisements on TV benefiting the community, the ideas of which are, for example, to raise fund for charity.

In the opposite way, some people argue that advertisements are always exaggerative, deceptive, or misleading, which challenge the code of morals, stir up furies in our society. For example, in one commercial on TV, an unnamed brand claimed to selling an unbreakable, water-proof, bullet-proof, high technology equipped smart phone allied with celebrities with incredible discount plus lifetime guarantee. The witness who purchased the phone just complained for its deceptive exaggeration. Other examples exist, to name just a few.

All in all, the advertisements play both a positive and negative role in people’s daily life. However, a code of ethics and a rule of business fair conduct should be abided with.



The thesis statement (the final sentence of the first paragraph) is poorly worded and not specific enough. Instead of just saying there are two sides to the issue, specify clearly what your position is. You seem to want to argue that advertising, if it is done well and ethically, can benefit society, but otherwise its influence is negative. Your thesis statement should be a clear articulation of that specific argument.

Your second paragraph offers three reasons in support of the idea that advertisements can benefit society. The first of these makes a claim about what advertising "comprehends," but you don't clarify how that claim relates to your conclusion that advertising encourages people to grasp knowledge to produce a bright idea. Offering an example here might also help clarify what you have in mind when you think of people producing bright ideas having seen advertisements. Your second claim, about the enlightenment that advertising affords us, is also a bit vague. I don't think you need to explain how advertisements can be humorous, but you do need to explain how they might enlighten us. The third claim is fine. It would be a good idea to conclude the paragraph with a general statement related to your thesis (perhaps something along the lines of, but less banal than: "for these reasons, I think advertising can often benefit etc.")

The next paragraph offers an opposing view: advertisements are always exaggerative. The conclusion to this paragraph is weak (and the last sentence doesn't really make sense). I think what you need to do here is explain the extent to which you agree with the statement that advertisements tend to exaggerate and deceive, and then explain how that influences your overall position on the role of advertising in society.

Best, EJ.
Submitted by: allen

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